42 Volgogradsky Avenue,
Building 5, 3d floor


Event will feature:
At the conference, specialists from different fields will talk about how to improve the body functioning and achieve longevity using various methods.

- Biogerontologists will explain how to prolong your life as much as possible, reviewing the biological aging processes of the body.
- Somnologists will talk about the physiology of sleep, sleep gadgets and whether they are needed at all.
- Geneticists will debunk myths about whether there is a connection between genes and the length of our life.
- Dietitians and nutritionists will share tips on how to choose the right nutrition to prolong the youthfulness of the body.
- A face fitness coach will show you how you can preserve well looks and youthfulness of your face for many years in 10 minutes a day.
- The invited biohacker will talk about microimplants and wearable devices in the body, as well as demonstrate how he uses them in everyday life.

As part of the Biohacking Conference Moscow 2021, you will learn:
• how to prolong life;
• how to manage the body and health;
• how to increase productivity;
• how to improve your condition: moral and physical.
It will be interesting to:
• enthusiasts taking care of their health and desiring to reach the age of 100 and more;
• transhumanists dreaming of overcoming death as well as enhancing their physical, psychological, and mental capabilities;
• doctors and representatives of healthcare centers willing to introduce new treatment methods, products, and services to society;
• gadget developers striving for promoting and selling their inventions;
• biologically active additive producers looking for new customers;
• athletes and coaches who are ready to share their knowledge about body advancement;
• everyone desiring to improve their health and optimize their life.
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Yaroslav Ashikhmin
Ph.D., therapist, cardiologist, scientific consultant of the innovative prevent age resort First Line. Health Care Resort, Advisor to the General Director of the Skolkovo International Medical Cluster Foundation
First Line. Health Care Resort
Anna Melekhina
Nutritionist, lecturer at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, Director of the Center for Dietetics
Anna Melekhina Dietetics Center
Maria Grudina
Ideologist and founder of the innovative prevent age resort First Line. Health Care Resort, ambassador of the Global Wellness Institute, expert and entrepreneur in the field of wellness and well-being
First line. Health Care Resort
Vadim Zorin
Candidate of Sciences in Biology, Head of the regenerative medicine department at The Human Stem Cells Institute, expert at Skolkovo, Biomed cluster
Nikita Metelitsa
Founder of the Russian Institute of Biohacking and Health, integral coach-therapist, mentor
Russian Institute of Biohacking and Health
Tina Petrovskaya
Physician, nutritionist, healthcare organizer, author of the telemedicine course for doctors, medical director of Medmary
Stanislav Skakun
CEO at Biodata
Denis Varvanets
Biogerontologist, biohacker, sports physiologist
Patrick Paumen
Biohacker, cyborg
Roman Buzunov
President of Russian society of sleep medicine, professor.
Russian society of sleep medicine
Kirill Proschaev
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Department of Therapy, Geriatrics and Anti-Aging Medicine of the Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Federal Research and Clinical Center of the FMBA of Russia, Director of th
Alexey Strygin
Bioentrepreneur, CEO, co-founder at Gray Matter
Gray Matter
Elena Fedotova
Face fitness expert of international level, expert of leading online schools, master coach
Igor Berlinskiy
Anton Merkulov
Сооснователь и управляющий партнер проекта Health Buddy
Health Buddy
Artem Elmuratov
Development Director, Co-founder, Member of the Board of Directors of Genotek
Dmitriy Krivosheev
PhD in Biological Sciences, Head of Educational Projects
Maksim Goncharov
Physician psychotherapist, Ph.D., member of the board of directors and international trainer of the World Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (WAPP)
Yulia Aksenova
Clinical psychologist, co-founder of Basis Genomic Group and Vital Essential Cosmetics, Rector of ANO DPO Academy of 5P Medicine Global
Basis Genomic Group



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