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What if we could stay young and get rid of the diseases once and for all? In about 20-30 years, scientists would probably be able to create the technologies that could slow down body aging. Our goal is to live to see that time, and biohacking is one of the tools to help us.

Biohacking Conference Moscow is an event where we will discuss the latest scientific developments allowing to unlock the full potential of our body.
Event will feature:
• Scientists and practicing physicians will tell the audience how to control their health and prevent diseases.
• Biogerontologists will explain how to postpone aging and prolong your life as much as possible.
• Experienced biohackers will explain how to choose a diet and normalize sleep.
• Developers of innovative devices will give tips on improving health using gadgets.
• A face fitness coach will show face exercises to save beauty and youth.
• Everyone will be able to test cutting-edge devices for body diagnostics and health advancement as well as undergo aging biomarker tests.
• A cryonics expert will stress key technological approaches that can be already used to fight against death.

Biohacking is the best tool for optimizing your life. Use it in order to upgrade your body, improve your health, and reduce your biological age by at least 10 years.
Start advancing right now!
It will be interesting to:
• enthusiasts taking care of their health and desiring to reach the age of 100 and more;
• transhumanists dreaming of overcoming death as well as enhancing their physical, psychological, and mental capabilities;
• doctors and representatives of healthcare centers willing to introduce new treatment methods, products, and services to society;
• gadget developers striving for promoting and selling their inventions;
• biologically active additive producers looking for new customers;
• athletes and coaches who are ready to share their knowledge about body advancement;
• everyone desiring to improve their health and optimize their life.
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Greg Potter
PhD | MSc Exercise Physiology (HumanOS / Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Medicine)
Oleg Andriychuk
Founder and CEO at AGenYZ
Alexey Utin
Chief Physician at SMART CheckUp – life prolongation
Alexandr Kolyada
Genetic scientist, biogerontologist, research associate at the lab of epigenetics at the Institute of Gerontology
Elena Milova
Member of the Board at Life Extension Advocacy Foundation
Denis Varvanets
Biogerontologist, biohacker, sports physiologist
Hannu Kinnunen
Chief Scientific Officer at Ōura
Elena Karkukli
The founder of International Face Fitness Academy (IFFA), expert in face fitness at Azbuka zdorovya with Gennadiy Malakhov on TV-3
Stanislav Skakun
CEO at Biodata
Ivan Dubkov
Concept chef, specialist in vegetarian diet
Vadim Zorin
Candidate of Sciences in Biology, Head of the regenerative medicine department at The Human Stem Cells Institute, expert at Skolkovo, Biomed cluster
Evgeniy Kovalev
Psychiatrist, author of psychophysiological support methods for the athletes, expert in health management
Valeriya Pride (Udalova)
CEO at KrioRus
Timofey Glinin
Head of the Brainstorm Neurostimulator project
Roman Malkov
Deputy Chief Medical Officer at Mitra Clinic, dietarian, physical therapist, author of periodic diets and fitness programs


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10 000 руб

Ticket allows you to:

  • take a test to determine your biomarker, analyzing the risks of developing a cardiovascular disease;
  • test a unique tool for brain electrical stimulation;
  • try on the wearable gadget for monitoring the vital indexes;
  • learn more about the system of face exercises helping to stay young;
  • attend a demonstration of the custom-made complex of exercises applied to treat osteochondrosis and extruded discs;
  • get the access to speakers’ presentations and videos after the event.

Payment till 18.09.2019

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Find out more about biohacking, explore new industry technologies, and take part in networking with experts.
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Technopolis "Moscow", 42 Volgogradskiy ave., build. 5