What if we could stay young and get rid of the diseases once and for all? In about 20-30 years, scientists would probably be able to create the technologies that could slow down body aging. Our goal is to live to see that time, and biohacking is one of the tools to help us.

Biohacking Conference Moscow is an event where we will discuss the latest scientific developments allowing to unlock the full potential of our body.
Event will feature:
• Recommendations from the experts, biohackers and healthcare specialists for optimizing the dietary pattern including the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting.
• Personal advice from biohacking experts and doctors on food supplements, sleep and proper exercise.
• Advice on using sensors for tracking the body status, such as fitness trackers and blood glucose meters.
• Hints on required check-ups for monitoring physical conditions and body youth.
You’ll meet people interested in improvement of life quality and prolongation of life:
• transhumanists;
• representatives of healthcare facilities;
• active fitness junkies;
• scientists;
• producers of biohacking tools and therapeutic devices;
• sporting equipment manufacturers;
• superfoods specialists.
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Nataly Lugovskikh
Overall world, European, Russian champion in bikini fitness, trainer in the team of the Weighed People 4 show.
Greg Potter
PhD | MSc Exercise Physiology (HumanOS / Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Medicine)
Elena Milova
Member of the Board at Life Extension Advocacy Foundation
Stanislav Skakun
CEO at Biodata
Hannu Kinnunen
Chief Scientific Officer at Ōura
Roman Malkov
Deputy Chief Medical Officer at Mitra Clinic, dietarian, physical therapist, author of periodic diets and fitness programs
Timofey Glinin
Head of the Brainstorm Neurostimulator project
Martina Johansson
Science savvy biohacker, book author
Valeriya Pride (Udalova)
CEO at KrioRus


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