Top 7 Efficient Biohacks To Enhance Productivity

Top 7 Efficient Biohacks To Enhance Productivity

To advance physical and psychological health, biohackers experiment with various diets, take nootropics, undergo numerous tests, and measure their body performance using gadgets. However, you should not necessarily spend lots of money and efforts to improve the productivity and enhance the general state. Several daily procedures will be enough. The article reveals detailed biohacks allowing to reach the better productivity.

1. Drink upgraded coffee

The huge amount of people start their days with coffee. To make this drink more beneficial, biohackers offer to put coconut oil or dairy butter into it. They contain medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) that maintain proper weight, have a positive impact on digestion, mood, and thinking, as well as help to be full of energy.

By the way, the recipe of extremely strong coffee with dairy butter and MCT oil was created by a biohacker Dave Asprey. This drink increases physical performance, allows to work off excess weight, and amends body functions.

2. Harden your body to the cold

The exposure of low temperatures to the body allows to:

  • advance immunity. It is referred to cold training;
  • unleash adiponectin, a hormone speeding up fat splitting and muscle bulk recovery;
  • multiply the life span of cells;
  • perk up, boost alertness, and evoke good mood.

These results can be achieved by taking a cold or contrast shower, and ice baths. It is important to accustom the body to low temperatures gradually in order to get a better effect. Initially, you can just stand under cold water for 20-30 seconds after each shower.

Besides, remember that a wrong approach to the cold therapy can negatively affect your health. Therefore, you should primarily consult a doctor.

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3. Consume products with nootropic effect

The adjustment of proper diet is one of the key steps towards the improvement of life quality. To obtain well-being and great productivity, biohackers choose various dietary approaches. For example, movement followers experience periodic fasting when people refuse food for 16 hours without reducing the energy intake. This feeding pattern allows the body to release ketones, substances appearing during fat processing. They help to stay healthy and work more fruitful.

Moreover, you can feel good and be more productive by consuming products with the nootropic effect: tea, coffee, fish, cranberry, spinach, seafood, algae, chia and flax seeds, etc. They contain such components as L-theanine, creatine, omega-3, coffein, and others, allowing to raise alertness, brighten memory and quick wit, decrease anxiety, and even cut down weather sensitivity. Do not forget about consulting a dietarian or a doctor prior to selecting a certain diet.

4. Listen to biological clock

Each individual has certain hours of the highest performance. Thus, you should examine your body like biohackers and find out when you are the most active. This information will help to plan your day.

For instance, if you are more able to work before noon, try to conduct all tasks requiring serious mental efforts within this period.

At Biohacking Conference Moscow on September 19, a biohacker Greg Potter will explain how the body clock encourages food intake at certain times of day.

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5. Meditate

Meditation means various psychological exercises. It allows to control the human mental condition using attention focusing and willpower.

Meditation results in:

  • better attention concentration and memory;
  • relieving stress, getting rid of depression and anxiety;
  • emotional relief;
  • relaxing and internal harmony.

Wim Hof, who is able to withstand extremely low temperatures, has learnt how to regulate immunity by increasing intentionally the level of cortisone in the body and decreasing the accumulation of cytokines (inflammatory marker) in the blood using meditation.

Mobile apps or specialists can assist you in exploring meditation techniques.

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6. Give up gadgets for a while

Biohackers cannot imagine their life without various devices for measuring different indicators of their body. Electronic devices have become an ordinary stuff for the majority of people.

At the same time, scientists have discovered that the constant use of smartphones leads to the reduction of cognitive capacity as well as can affect a sleep pattern, social and emotional development of kids.

That is why smartphones and other electronic gadgets should be used only if necessary in order to enhance your efficiency, go to bed timely, and manage to accomplish all of the planned activities.

7. Reform sleep quality

Sergey Fage states that people should sleep sufficiently and regularly. He stresses the crucial aspects:

  • measuring dream stages;
  • blocking the cold blue light in the room 3-4 hours before sleeping;
  • resting only in a dark and cool place;
  • waking up at the same time;
  • analyzing what encourages sleeping and what violates the dream.

Sergey believes that an excellent sleep is significant for the willpower.

Meanwhile, Dave Asprey mentions in his Head Strong book that it is useful to sleep in total darkness and at the low temperature. According to him, a high-quality (not necessarily long-standing) dream causes a buzz of adenosine triphosphate, a cross-functional energy source for all biochemical processes in living bodies. This substance provide people with strength.

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