Anti-Aging Medication and Cosmetics by NOBELBAD: Find in the Demo Zone of Biohacking Conference Moscow

Anti-Aging Medication and Cosmetics by NOBELBAD: Find in the Demo Zone of Biohacking Conference Moscow

The demo zone of Biohacking Conference Moscow, held on September 19, will feature products and services developed by the Russian company NOBELBAD.

NOBELBAD develops and distributes dietary supplements and cosmetics that improve health and slow down aging. Their drugs rely on scientific inventions marked by the Nobel Prize. Besides, the company realizes the program intended to decrease the biological age.

In the demo area, NOBELBAD will present:

  • NOBELbad – a modifier of biological reactions, autophagy inductor. The drug prevents the lack of insulin sensitivity, the development of cardiovascular diseases, normalizes body weight, slows down aging processes, and facilitates lifetime prolongation;
  • Telomerozumab – a modifier of biological reactions made of components that regulate the quality and length of telomeres. The drug prevents age-associated diseases, slows down aging, helps the body to recover after combination cancer therapy, and prevents the recurrent development of oncology diseases;
  • A complex of skin-care cosmetic products: gel-creams “Skin maker phytomelatonin” and “Skin maker blue magic”. These products are made of methylene blue and vegetable phytomelatonin, among other things. For the first time, the cream not only penetrates the skin passing the basal layer, but also enters the cells, which leads to the expression of elastin and collagen genes that help skin get thicker from the basal level to the state corresponding skin of a 18 y-o. person;
  • Metabiotic NOBELBAD – powdered dietary supplement produced using resistant starch and vegetable cryopowders. It restores intestinal microflora, decreases insulin resistance and prevents many oncologic diseases;
  • Biohacking program “NOBELBAD”. It is a complex of correction measures that help to slow down aging and decrease the biological age.

In the demo zone of the conference, you will have a chance to get to know more about the products and services of the company and ask its representatives questions.

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