Biohacking Conference Moscow: Event for Everyone Desiring to Overcome Old Age and Diseases

Biohacking Conference Moscow: Event for Everyone Desiring to Overcome Old Age and Diseases

What if the old age is a disease that can be cured? Aubrey de Grey, a programmer and a biologist from Cambridge, writes in his Ending Aging book that scientists will probably be able to create technologies allowing to slow down aging in 20-30 years. Our goal is to live up to this time, and biohacking is one of the tools for this. It is a set of actions aimed at improving life quality and span.

In Russia, this trend has gained a strong resonance primarily because of the publication by Sergey Fage. Nowadays, we can see various specialists among biohacking enthusiasts: sports coaches, microbiologists, psychologists, dietarians, cardiologists. Some of them gladly share their secrets and describe trainings on the ternet, while others develop programs and apps helping people to monitor their health.

On September 19, all of them will be brought together at Biohacking Conference Moscow, an event for everyone believing in unlimited opportunities of human body and desiring to use them in a proper manner.

At Biohacking Conference Moscow, you will discover:

  • Whether people with average earnings can become biohackers.
  • Why individuals voluntarily implant microchips.
  • Does fasting prolong youth? And diet must-know.
  • Sleep hygiene concept: why all biohackers talk about it.
  • What do experienced health professionals think of biohacking: is it good or bad?
  • Brain biohacking: how to increase its performance efficiency?
  • Reverse side of biohacking: what do attempts to deceive your body result in?
  • Why mental health is a crucial element of biohacking.
  • How to prevent illnesses and learn how to recognize body alarms.
  • Molecular biology and gene engineering research: when can the humankind expect eternal life?
  • What internal state monitoring sensors should be used and why.

You will be able to discuss new trends with like-minded fellows, ask advice from the experts, and receive answers to your questions.

Event will be organized by Smile-Expo

Smile-Expo is an international organizer of events dedicated to innovations. For 13 years, the company has been holding specialized large-scale exhibitions, conferences, forums and congresses related to the latest technologies in 28 countries of the world.

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