Biohacking Conference Moscow Takes Place Tomorrow! Roadmap and Directions

Biohacking Conference Moscow Takes Place Tomorrow! Roadmap and Directions

On September 19, Biohacking Conference Moscow will unite everyone who cares about their health and is looking forward to improve health. Experts from various sectors will share their knowledge on latest scientific innovations allowing to unlock the potential of the whole body.

Event will be organized in Technopolis Moscow located at the address: 42 Volgogradsky prospect, bld. 5.

Registration to the event will take place with 09:00. Event working hours: 11:00–18:00. Official language at the conference is Russian.

How to get to the event location?


The venue is located two kilometers away from the Third ring road. If you’re driving your own car, go from the Volgogradsky prospect to the Shosseynaya street. In 20 meters, turn right on the intersection. Keep going and turn left in 200 meters to the gate #4. You can leave your car at the paid parking (40 RUB an hour). It is located on the outside perimeter of the lot. Next, go through the 3A gate to the Technopolis Moscow territory.


If you use public transport, best way to move around the city is on the metro. Tekstilshchiki underground station is just a 3-minutes walk away from the conference location.

Plan your route: enter the last subway car and choose the direction moving away from the city center. Going out of the wagon, go up the stairs. After the ticket gate, turn right and go to the end of the passage. Go outside and keep moving forward. Cross the Shosseynaya street using the underground walkway. Follow the colored marking to the gate 3A.

Watch the video to learn how to get to Technopolis Moscow from the nearest metro station.

Note! To enter the event through the gate, use the code word: “biohacking”.

See you at Biohacking Conference Moscow!

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