Biohackers and a Cardiologist: Top Three Speakers at Biohacking Conference Moscow 2021

Biohackers and a Cardiologist: Top Three Speakers at Biohacking Conference Moscow 2021

Biohacking Conference Moscow 2021 will take place on October 19, focusing on improving the human body, as well as modern innovative techniques that expand all capabilities of the body and increase longevity.

We are happy to present top three speakers of the conference.

  • Stanislav Skakun is the founder and CEO at Biodata, a medical data storage and analysis company.

Stanislav has been conducting the world’s largest Quantified self experiment, measuring 800 biochemical indicators of his body every month for five years.

The expert will make a presentation on the topic “Biohacking in action: What body data can be collected and why we should do this”.

  • Denis Varvanets is a sports physiologist, biogerontologist and biohacker who supports body optimization and tuning. In addition, the speaker is engaged in the study of reversible longevity programs that can slow down the aging process.

Applying biohacking techniques and not being a professional athlete, Denis has succeeded in overtaking Olga Tarantinova, a Master of Sports of Russia of International Class during the running competition.

  • Alexey Utin is a Chief Physician at SMART CheckUp. The clinic is engaged in the identification of cardiovascular diseases that shorten life expectancy.

The speaker specializes in cardiovascular surgery, holds the position of a cardiologist. He is an active promoter of a healthy lifestyle and a blogger.

In the past, Alexey worked as a Head of the Vessel Suture Laboratory at Pirogov National Medical and Surgical Center, was the Head of the Department of Non-Invasive Myocardial Revascularization at the Center of Circulatory System Pathology.

Attending Biohacking Conference Moscow 2021 is an excellent opportunity to learn from the leading medical and biohacking experts, as well as ask them your questions.

Registration to the conference is already available. Join and discover insights about your body: take a step towards a healthy future.

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