Budget Biohacking: How to Optimize Health Without Huge Investments?

Budget Biohacking: How to Optimize Health Without Huge Investments?

In 2017, the Russian Internet was intrigued by an article of Serge Faguet, the Russian businessman and founder of the Ostrovok.ru platform. Reportedly, he has been focusing on biohacking for several years and has spent approximately $200,000 on improving his health and productivity.

The publication caused the opinion in society that biohacking was a costly affair. That’s not quite the case. An appropriate approach can allow achieving good results without huge investments.

The article describes budget biohacking in detail.

Biohacking for $200,000: Serge Faguet’s experience

“My goal is simple: manipulate my biochemistry to get more of the things I want, and less of the things I do not want,” Serge states in the article while sharing his biohacking experience.

The biohacker said that he spent $200,000 for life optimization. He put money into numerous medical investigations and tests, advice by experienced doctors, diet enhancement, physical exercise, therapist’s visits, various drugs and BAAs.

According to Serge, as the result of diverse biohacking tools, he reduced his biological age, substantially dropped body fat, increased VO2Max (maximum oxygen consumption), and improved other health parameters. The businessman asserted that he could live more than 120 years because of biohacking and would not require any breakthrough technologies.

Budget biohacking: efficient methods of body upgrade

Examining Serge Faguet’s experience, some individuals can decide that biohacking is designed for very wealthy people who are ready to spend a fortune on their body advancement and life modernization. In reality, you should not necessarily spend large funds on health maintenance. Desired goals can be reached using small investments, while many biohacking tools are available for free.

Diagnostics and medical checkup

You will be able to explore special features of your body using medical investigations, genetic and other tests. Diagnostics will detect diseases and health risks. A DNA test will define not only genetic dispositions to various illnesses but also metabolism characteristics and origin.

Functional and laboratory studies are cheaper in public clinics. Experts recommend to pass the DNA test once in a lifetime, thus it is a single-use investment.

Nutrition correction

All necessary nutrients are obtained via food. Therefore, the diet should be beneficial and balanced.

To maintain health and be active, you should exclude harmful products: junk food, soda, sweets and starchy foods. They lead to subcutaneous fat that negatively affects body functions. Besides, try to consume less sugar and salt.

Prefer vegetable and organic food. Consume a sufficient amount of natural mineral water.

Currently, shops and markets offer a wide range of products by various manufacturers. Thus, you can select a healthy diet even with small proceeds.

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Physical activity

Sports and physical training are a cheap and efficient way to gain longevity. It is unnecessary to train in gyms or fitness centers. It is enough to consult once an experienced coach who will prepare the most appropriate training options for you. Afterwards, you can go in for sports at any convenient place (at home, outside, in offices). Moreover, not only will the body benefit from the aerobic activity, high-intensity training, or yoga, but even common walking has a positive impact on health.

Sleep recovery

The human body recovers during sleep. Biohackers believe that the dream is better when you go to sleep until midnight and at the same time. The best conditions for the rest are a cool and dark room with fresh air. Note: these rules do not need any money investments.

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The body requires purification from toxins in order to function seamlessly. You should not necessarily go to Karlovy Vary or drink water from natural sources. It is enough to see a doctor and receive an intestinal sorbent course. Such drugs are inexpensive, but they perfectly eliminate harmful substances from the body. At the same time, the detoxification process can be improved by healthy nutrition and increased fluid intake.

Brain activity optimization

To advance cognitive capabilities and increase the performance, you do not have to take expensive nootropics. Read books, do crosswords, study foreign languages, acquire new knowledge, and discover useful skills. These tips will help to improve the brain activity.


Biohacking is an excellent tool for strengthening health, keeping youth, and increasing living standards. To apply it properly, you do not necessarily require high revenues. Eat healthy food, be physically active, regularly pass medical checkup, and eliminate detected risks. These steps are not expensive but efficient.

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