Ten Successful Biohacking Companies and Startups (Part 1)

Ten Successful Biohacking Companies and Startups (Part 1)

Biohacking allows not only to improve life and longevity, but also to join a promising business niche. Meet top ten interesting companies and startups engaged in this sector, many of which have been operating on the market for several years.

10. MyDNAPedia

Finnish company specializing in DNA tests for athletes was founded in 2011. MyDNAPedia provides genome services in Finland and throughout Europe. Laboratory tests are conducted by Doctors of Science and genetics and molecular biology specialists.

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The company sends customers a special high-quality DNA test for $99, which allows to easily take a sample at home and return it to the lab. Afterwards, users receive a detailed report with the results and recommendations on improving their diet, sports trainings, and overall health. Human genetic characteristics are analyzed on more than 65 DNA markers.

9. Soylent

Soylent helps biohackers to keep a balanced diet, making products with a blend of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and microelements. It produces nutritional bars that, according to the manufacturer, can fully replace such snacks as harmful fast food. Soylent Squared is a product containing 100 calories, 36 major nutrients, and probiotics for digestive health.

Based in Los Angeles, the company has been actively working on the market since 2016. Besides, Soylent is engaged in the charity program for providing products and financial support to organizations striving for food security and helping starving people.

8. HVMN (Nootrobox)

US-based company produces the so-called nootropics, legal substances (e.g. pyracetam) that stimulate brain activity and develop cognitive functions. Nootrobox creates pills with easy-to-remember names and overall efficiency characteristics. To develop its products, HVMN cooperates with scientific organizations, for instance, with a subsidiary of the University of Oxford.

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investors and advisors are Marissa Mayer (former CEO at Yahoo!), Tony Hsieh (founder and CEO at Zappos), and Joe Montana (quarterback in the NFL’s Hall of Fame).

7. MoodMetric

Finnish company offers clients to try an innovative smart mood ring. Moodmetric helps people to measure the stress level and improve the nervous system. The device monitors person’s mood within the day and records sleep phases at night. The ring determines the stress level, measuring Electrodermal activity (EDA).

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The device is adjustable. It operates on battery and synchronizes with the smartphone app. Not only can the ring define the stress level, but it also shows how much time people need to recover from it. The Moodmetric ring is used by both private entities for personal purposes and healthcare representatives (it is appropriate for real-time monitoring of stress responses and for long-term field research).

6. Atmosfera Private Fitness

Private Fitness is a high profile Moscow fitness club popular among dozens of Forbes people. The club’s special feature is its focus on sports biohacking. The company has its own laboratory allowing to examine cognitive body functions, undergo the DNA test, and identify human physical particularities. It helps professional biohackers to prepare an individual training program, correct it, set certain goals, and find ways to achieve them.

Atmosfera Private Fitness is founded by Artyom Vasilyev, a leading specialist in the science lab of sports adaptology at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

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