Ten Successful Biohacking Companies and Startups (Part 2)

Ten Successful Biohacking Companies and Startups (Part 2)

Bioelectronic therapy, detox cosmetics, and anti-aging technologies – read the continuation of the article about the most successful biohacking companies.

5. Thync

The company presents Thync wearable technology that not just controls but changes the mood and reduces stress. The device sends electrical impulses to the head and the neck to make the person feel calmer and happier. The technology has been clinically tested and developed by neurologists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Universities of Harvard and Stanford.

Thync is a bioelectronics company that develops innovative methods for treating autoimmune and psychogenic disorders. Their technology is intended to not only boost stress resistance but also fight against a number of diseases that can arise due to disorders of the vegetative nervous system (for example, psoriasis) medically.

4. Pavlok

Pavlok is a special device that helps the person to track, analyze, and change habits. This bracelet has a built-in gyroscope, accelerometer, motion sensors, and many other features that allow assessing user actions and respond appropriately in real time. Developers state that Pavlok wearable device helps to stop smoking and biting nails, to regulate the time you spend on the Internet, to normalize sleep.

The device synchronizes with an app and uses sound signals and vibration when needed. Together with the mobile app, Pavlok can not only track habits but also change them (by fixing the good ones, for example, going in for sports). According to the research, 75% of smokers that used the device quitted the habit just in 10 days and were not smoking in the next six months as well.

3. Gero 

Gero is a biotechnological company founded back in 2004. For the last five years, the Russian startup has been “hacking aging”. The company has an app called Gero Lifespan that collects key data about user activities and can make forecasts about life expectancy (data can be useful for insurers and pension funds). It received grants from Skolkovo, financing from private investors and pharmacies.

Specialist of Gero (half of them have a Ph.D. degree) are working to reduce age-related risks and slow down the development of illnesses for the elderly. Besides, they develop technologies that help to assess the hypothetic life expectancy basing on certain characteristics such as genetic data, test results, measurements collected by the fitness tracker. In its researches, the company uses data of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES, 10,000 people) and the UK Biobank (500,000 people).

2. KAATSU Global

The US firm develops, produces, and distributes training equipment that modifies the venous flow. KAATSU is a safe and efficient form of exercise, rehabilitation, and recovery invented in Japan in 1966. The pneumatic equipment of this company allows modifying the venous flow by moving your arms and legs. Such practice results in a number of positive physiological effects, for example, improves metabolism and slows down aging.

Ten Successful Biohacking Companies and Startups (Part 2)

KAATSU’s developments are based on a whole series of researches made by leading academic institutions and supplied to millions of customers in 32 countries. Located in southern California, the company also runs seminars, makes educational programs for users, and trains KAATSU certified specialists.

1. Primal Life Organics

The US firm Primal Life Organics offers customers natural oral and skin care products that help to get rid of toxins and to provide complex care about your body. The startup provides a wide assortment of products intended to replace traditional skincare products. The company’s products are positioned as rather powerful to eliminate bacteria and rather mild to encourage the growth of the natural microbiome that protects our organism.

The firm was founded by the natural skincare expert and biohacker Trina Felber. The annual revenue of Primal Life Organics equals to over 4 million. In 2017, the brand made over 4.7 million and became one of the fastest growing companies listed on the Inc 5000. In 2019, it is leading the pack in the natural healthcare industry.

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