If You Are Not Ready to Make Biohacking a Large Part of Your Life, It Is Better Not to Start: Elena Milova from LEA

If You Are Not Ready to Make Biohacking a Large Part of Your Life, It Is Better Not to Start: Elena Milova from LEA

Biohackers consider a human body as a mechanism that eventually goes out of order (while aging): bones become fragile, the skin grows thinner and loses tonicity, sense of vision/ hearing and cognitive capabilities get worse. This article keeps revealing what biohacking enthusiasts do to optimize their health.

How much can healthy living prolong life? What medical tests should be primarily conducted? What fundamental rules should biohackers follow in order not to harm their health? We have puzzled out these issues along with Elena Milova, the social activist in healthcare, popularizer of science, Board Member of the non-profit Life Extension Advocacy Foundation.

How biohackers prolong their lives

To advance the physical and psychological state, biohackers use various methods and technologies. At the same time, they do not have generally accepted rules. Each one selects the most appropriate individual ways of body optimization.

Healthy lifestyle

Elena believes that the most efficient and safe body optimization method is a healthy lifestyle, which parameters are defined according to the genetic portrait and current health condition.

“Precise figures are always the problem. However, based on relevant scientific literature, smoking cessation and refusal of alcohol will supposedly save 7-8 years of life. Proper physical activity will add 15 years, while a diet, given that it serves as the heart disease prevention, will probably give up to 10 years. I treat the shortage control of vitamins and minerals to the diet, even if taking pill-like vitamins. Good sleep and stress management prevent metabolic imbalance. Allegedly, they can add 3 years. It is difficult to say how many years can be caused by regular diagnostics, but in case of genetic disposition toward the early development of age-related illnesses, it will be a trigger for choosing a prevention strategy in order to substantially prolong your health,” the expert stresses.

Besides, the specialist mentions that summarizing above-mentioned figures isincorrect. Healthy living approximately helps to lengthen life for 15 years.


Biohackers consistently monitor their activity and health performance. Thus, they undergo medical examinations and tests. It allows movement followers to detect various health risks in time and accept the required measures for their elimination.

According to Elena, current body diagnostics should be started with whole-genome sequencing, detection of genetic predispositions, and their discussion with a geneticist.

“A genetic passport will show your personal program of health development for the whole life. It can identify specific vulnerabilities to be taken into attention first off. It can also indicate your individual susceptibility or insusceptibility to certain drugs, and you will be able to avoid extra expenses and save time at the preventive and treatment stage. Finally, it will give you a clue as to what genetic aspects should be considered when forming a diet and whether you have an intolerance of some products,” the expert explains.

The biohacker states that one should pass complete physical examinations or checkups 2-3 times per year in order to monitor changes in core biomarkers able to define the beginning of aging-associated diseases.

By the way, doctors recommend undergoing diagnostic tests on a compulsory basis and immediately discussing the results with them.

How to optimize your body: Elena Milova’a experience

Science and cutting-edge technologies are the main tools that biohackers use to upgrade their body. Some movement supporters apply only available ways of life optimization, others carry out their own research, design equipment, and upgrade existing foodstuff.

To improve her body performance, Elena keeps a healthy lifestyle, undergoes comprehensive diagnostics 2-3 times per year, regularly sees a doctor following its outcome and discusses her concerns. She fulfills the bulk of doctor’s prevention and treatment prescriptions.

“In detail, my diet contains almost no harmful goods (fast carbohydrates; roasted, smoked, salted, and pickled food; red meat) and includes many useful products (fresh vegetables, avocados, greens, cultured milk foods, vegetable oils, nuts, fish in small amounts). I rapidly eliminate any detected vitamin and mineral deficiencies, try to do aerobic training, meditate, monitor sleep quality, and sleep in total darkness,” Elena says.

Moreover, to slow down aging processes, the biohacker applies some experimental procedures.

“I am delighted with the results, as my biomarker levels correspond to the levels of a much younger person,” Elena states.

6 biohacking rules

Biohacking is a systematic approach to the exploration and improvement of your body. Taking the wrong approach to the correction of physical and mental health, you will fail to succeed at best.

Elena believes that biohackers should comply with the following rules in order not to damage their health:

  1. Do not be satisfied with your personal opinion, but always cooperate with medically trained people.
  2. Develop critical thinking and thoroughly analyze scientific articles describing certain approaches to the aging slowdown. For instance, you should realize that drugs affecting mice won’t necessarily have the same effect on people. Therefore, only methodologically rigorous human clinical research can be the reason for healthcare intervention. Otherwise, you act blindfold, and no one knows what outcome you will get.
  3. Perform diagnostics. A lot of health defects are impossible to sense, thus it is impossible to interpret correctly even obvious physical feelings. You can suffer from the excessive minor-nutrient element and suddenly start consuming extra doses. It is harmful. Another example: chronic fatigue is caused by the lack of magnesium, but you consume ferric iron because it looks like anemia symptoms. If you ignore regular diagnostics, you ride blind and can do inappropriate things.
  4. Follow the minimalism concept. A lot of medical interventions can interact with each other. Whatever you decide to use, you should make sure that such interventions are still efficient together and their interaction is safe. With each new addition significantly complicating the assessment of interaction, it is better to apply simultaneously as few interferences as possible.
  5. Put new components into the system one by one. Begin with a small dose in order to make sure that negative effects are absent, e.g. individual intolerance.
  6. If you are not ready to make biohacking a large part of your life, it is better not to start. You can obtain expected results only if selecting scientific-based approaches and regularly spending huge efforts. To check your will power, begin with a healthy lifestyle. If you succeed in this process, you can go big. If you fail to keep healthy living, biohacking means just hopeless monkey tricks and unjustified risk for you.

At Biohacking Conference Moscow on September 19, Elena will tell the audience how medical science opens the potential for controlling aging and how to develop the worldview of a long-living person.

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