How to Remain Healthy and Prolong Life? 5 Efficient Biohacking Tools for Men

How to Remain Healthy and Prolong Life? 5 Efficient Biohacking Tools for Men

According to the World Health Organization, women live longer than men do throughout the world. In Russia, the average life expectancy of men is 67.8 years and women – 77.8 years. Biohacking is an efficient way to change the statistics for the better. By hacking and optimizing their organism, men can not only prolong life but also improve health, performance, and slow down aging.

Let’s review the five most effective biohacking tools for men that can help to achieve longevity.

Tool 1. Body diagnostics and consulting a doctor

Wellness is not a reason to postpone the visit to a doctor. In fact, some diseases can develop without symptoms or present at late stages. A disease that you did not treat in time can lead to complications, go into severe form, or become chronic. Therefore, preventive diagnostics is the best way to keep fit.

To keep health under control, men should regularly see the urologist for a checkup. It helps to diagnose diseases of the genitourinary system in time. Specialists recommend that men older than 40 years do tests aimed to detect oncology disease markers.

Men that plan to become parents are advised to do a spermogram. This analysis is required to assess male fertility (the ability of sperm to fertilize the egg).

To reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases and prevent premature death, it is important to visit a cardiologist regularly, make a cardiogram, and do tests that define blood cholesterol and sugar levels.

After the diagnostics, you should consult the doctor. When required, the doctor will prescribe medicines or give recommendations concerning disease prevention.

Do not forget that the use of vitamins, medicines, and food supplements without consulting the doctor may negatively influence your well-being. Psychiatrist Evgeniy Kovalev stresses that self-medication is dangerous for health. According to him, only the doctor can decide whether the patient has indications for the administration of a certain medicine.

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Tool 2. Diet optimization

Useful and balanced food is the basis for a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, biohackers pay huge attention to diet optimization. They follow special diets, eat new kinds of products (for example, bulletproof coffee), and even practice fasting.

For example, entrepreneur and well-known biohacker Serge Faguet refused to eat sugar and industrially processed food to improve health indicators. The basis of his ration is organic and vegetable food as well as high-fat products with a minimum of carbs.

There are no general food recommendations for all men. However, many specialists agree that men should get enough nutrients from food, which will grow their strength, vigor, and energy. They are present in such products as spinach, bean, carrot, brown rice, sea fish, almond, oatmeal, dark chocolate, yoghurt, etc.

Besides, adding products that help to support men’s health is important. They include almond nuts and walnuts, sea products, fish, coarse bread.

To remain physically fit, men need protein contained in the chicken fillet, fish, eggs, farm cheese, cheese, beans. Refusal to eat roasted, salted, and sweet food is a good way to lose weight and prevent obesity.

Tool 3. Control of hormone level

The main male hormone is testosterone. It is responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics such as the growth of genitalia, body type, quality of voice, body hair. Besides, it affects libido, triggers sperm production and muscular development. Excess or lack of testosterone badly influences health state.

For example, excessive testosterone level leads to an increase in arterial pressure, development of cardiovascular diseases, and loss of hair. The lack of testosterone encourages reduction of muscle tone and sexual drive, causes depression, deprives men of vigor and performance efficiency.

The reason for an excessive or low level of male sex hormone may be chronic diseases, as well as pituitary, testicular, adrenal cancer, genetic problems.

Another hormone that men should control is estrogen. Excess or deficiency of estrogen leads to blood stroke, development of prostate cancer, type 2 diabetes, muscular wasting, obesity, and even premature death.

To maintain normal hormone level, specialists advise to normalize sleeping habits and diet, do sports, and avoid stress.

Tool 4. Physical exercises

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Sport is one more efficient biohacking tool. It positively influences physical and psychological health and helps to slow down aging processes.

Regular physical load strengthens supporting-motor apparatus, prevents various diseases, helps to maintain the beauty of the body, and boosts immunity. Besides, sport is a good way to build muscles, to speed up metabolism, to remain strong, and to get rid of depression.

Serge Faguet pays much attention to physical exercises. They help him to maximize the benefits of metabolic processes. Mandatory attributes of his workout include a warmup, leg exercises (deadlift, knee bending, leg pressing), and high-intensity training.

Every man decides for himself what sport to choose. However, when you give preference to a certain kind of sport, do not forget that excessive load may be dangerous for health. For this reason, the best way to maintain wellness and do no harm to your body is to exercise in correspondence with your physical capacity and keep a balance between training and rest.

Tool 5. Rejection of bad habits

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According to the Russian Minister of Healthcare Veronika Skvortsova, around 70% of deaths of working-age men are connected with alcohol consumption. Experts of the Sober Russia project calculated that smoking reduces the life expectancy of the Russian men by nine years on average.

Different researches have proven that smoking and alcohol (moreover, excessive drinking) negatively influence general immunity, badly affect health, and speed up aging processes.

Refusal of harmful habits will help you to become healthier, remain young, and prolong life.


Health care is a contribution to your future. Do not wait until you have some ache but start modernizing your body today. Regular health checkup, healthy diet, active lifestyle, and refusal of harmful habits will help you to prevent the development of diseases and achieve longevity.

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