How to Extend Life and Improve Its Quality: Find Out at Biohacking Conference Moscow 2021

How to Extend Life and Improve Its Quality: Find Out at Biohacking Conference Moscow 2021

Biohacking Conference Moscow is back! This autumn, the second conference will be held dedicated to improving health, increasing productivity and prolonging body youth.

Event date and location

October 19, 2021, Technopolis Moscow conference hall, Moscow.

About the event program

Biohacking Conference Moscow 2021 is an event dedicated to modern scientific and medical approaches that help to reveal all the capabilities of the human body. The speakers of the event will include the leading scientists, medical practitioners, trainers, nutritionists, experienced biohackers, developers of health gadgets and other experts.

The program will be divided into two sections – theoretical and practical. The first one will discuss the aspects that you need to know about at the beginning of your biohacking path: how the movement is developing in Russia and in the world, how to optimize the work of all body systems, how to distinguish useful techniques from the harmful ones.

In the practical section, guests will learn about maintaining physical and mental health, as well as ways to improve the quality of life. In simple and understandable words, experts will talk about how to improve your well-being, prevent depression and become happy. They will show exercises and techniques that everyone can put into practice.

Topics that will be featured at the conference:

  • Impact of stress on health. How to control negative emotions.

  • Proper nutritional optimization: The best techniques, cases, an overview of macro- and microelements useful for the body.

  • A good sleep is a guarantee of health. Improving the quality of life with sleep hygiene: Effective approaches and working tools.

  • Biohacking in Russia and in the world: From the inception of the movement to our time.

  • Attention, pandemic! How Covid reality influenced biohacking.

  • Responsible self-medication: Danger, myth or new opportunity.

  • Control your facial expressions, control your emotions. Can you reach Zen with the help of face fitness.

  • Meditation: The key to productivity, happiness and longevity.

In addition, guests of the event will attend two panel discussions. At the first one, they will be able to learn about the similar and different features of biohacking, science and official medicine. The second discussion will address the features of LCHF diet: experts will list its benefits and recommend how to adjust the diet by reducing carbohydrates and increasing healthy fats.

Who should attend the event?

Biohacking Conference Moscow 2021 will be interesting to everyone who wants to extend life and improve its quality. These are healthy lifestyle fans, transhumanists, athletes, doctors, medical representatives, coaches, gadget developers and everyone who cares about their health.

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Join Biohacking Conference Moscow 2021 and learn everything about upgrading your body. Improve your health today!

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