Candidate of Sciences in Biology Vadim Zorin to Become a Moderator at Biohacking Conference Moscow

Candidate of Sciences in Biology Vadim Zorin to Become a Moderator at Biohacking Conference Moscow

Biohacking Conference Moscow that is going to take place on September 19 will be moderated by CEO of the biotech company Vadim Zorin.

Expert will open the event with a welcome speech titled: Biohacking, or what is a love for life.

Vadim Zorin is a biophysicist, Candidate of Sciences in Biology, and a specialist in regenerative medicine. Associate Professor at the Esthetic Medicine Department in the RUDN University and a tutor at the Department of plastic and reconstructive surgery, cosmetology and cell technologies at the Russian National Research Medical University.

Besides, Vadim is a Head of the regenerative medicine department at The Human Stem Cells Institute. This Russian biotech company conducts scientific research, develops and promotes innovative drugs and high tech services in regenerative healthcare, gene therapy, medical genetics, bio insurance and biopharmaceutics.

Also, Vadim Zorin is a CEO at Vitacel (subsidiary of The Human Stem Cells Institute, specializing in the development of cell and tissue engineering technologies in the regenerative healthcare sector), as well as Skincel (creates medication for threating the mechanobullous disease). Both companies are Skolkovo residents.

Expert is an author of 13 patents, 2 monographies and more than 95 articles. He created two medical technologies approved by the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development:

  • SPRS therapy – the complex of procedures for aged and cicatrical skin recovery, based on the application of human fibroblasts;
  • SPRG therapy – the complex of procedures used in dentistry for the recovery of gum defects.

Guest of the conference will have a chance to talk to Vadim in person and ask their questions.

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