Cryonics as a Way to Defeat Death: Presentation by Valeriya Pride (Udalova), CEO at KrioRus

Cryonics as a Way to Defeat Death: Presentation by Valeriya Pride (Udalova), CEO at KrioRus

Biohacking and transhumanism followers aim to prolong their life as much as possible and even defeat death. One of the tools for achieving this goal is cryonics. How can the body freezing practice give people the second life or ensure immortality?

This issue will be revealed by Valeriya Pride (Udalova), co-founder of KrioRus, at Biohacking Conference Moscow on September 19. She will make a presentation: Cryonics as a basis for unlimited upgrade.

Key points:

  • what will control metabolism in the future;
  • cryonics and human personality digitization: core technological approaches to combat death;
  • cryonics as a promising way to upgrade your body.

Valeriya Pride (Udalova) is a futurist, sociologist, Russian public figure, and member of the Coordinating Council of the Russian Transhumanist Movement.

The speaker is one of the founders and CEO at KrioRus, the first cryonics company outside the USA. This firm keeps human and animal corpses in liquid nitrogen. Company clients hope that the future will introduce technologies allowing to reanimate their loved ones.

Valeriya is the author of scientific and journalistic papers about nanomedicine, NBICconvergence phenomenon, succession of cosmism and transhumanism ideas, stem cell therapy, social consequences of radical life prolongation, culture of organs using cell technologies, etc. Besides, she focuses on the research work in the Human Aging System Diagram project.

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