“Our Products Are Based on Real Scientific Discoveries,” Author of the NOBELBAD Concept Yuriy Zakharov

“Our Products Are Based on Real Scientific Discoveries,” Author of the NOBELBAD Concept Yuriy Zakharov

Manufacturer of biologically active dietary supplements NOBELBAD will become a participant of the demo zone at Biohacking Conference Moscow. The author of the NOBELBAD concept Yuriy Zakharov told about peculiarities of these products in the interview.

NOBELBAD is a Russian company that produces and realizes biologically active dietary supplements and cosmetics. Its products improve health parameters and slow down aging. Among its developments, one can find modifiers of biological reactions Telomerozumab and NOBELBAD, metabiotic NOBELBAD, and a complex of skin-care products.

Interviewer: Biohacking Conference Moscow (BCM)
Respondent: Yuriy Zakharov (Y.Z.)

BCM: Tell us about the distinctive feature of NOBELBAD products?

Y.Z.: The distinctive feature of all NOBELBAD products lies in two basic principles:

  • our products are based on real scientific discoveries in the fields of biology, medicine, and physics, marked by the Nobel Prize;
  • from one to three years pass from the moment when a scientific article is published to the realization of the end product.

BCM: How does NOBELBAD dietary supplement work? What goals does it serve?

Y.Z.: Metabiotic NOBELBAD is produced on the base of resistant starch and cryopowders. This is the most unusual development of all – the simplest food product that can help people in very difficult situations.

Last year, the work of James Allison and Honjo Tasuku was awarded by the Nobel Prize. They developed a new type of therapy using immune checkpoint inhibitors. Moreover, there is already a class of medicine available at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, an article has been published recently showing that this (and any other) unbelievably effective immune therapy simply does not work if the patient has problems with the intestinal microbiota.

The main problem is that the root of most autoimmune problems – both age-associated and endocrine – lies in the state of the microbiota. The introduction of useful microorganisms does not have any results just like the struggle against pathogenic flora. However, now a product has been created that not only restores normal flora but also naturally suppresses the development of pathogenic flora.

This can help old people that do not need to make fecal microbiota transplantation now. Besides, the product is useful to cancer patients that go through radiation and chemical therapy. Metabiotic can also help in the treatment of most of the skin diseases with the allergic and autoimmune component as well as different systemic allergic diseases.

NOBELBAD product is a simple powder that has to be taken with water or fermented dairy products once per day before going to bed within one-three months.

BCM: What scientific discoveries does the product rely on?

Y.Z.: NOBELBAD product is an autophagy inductor, restores and controls the level of NAD+. Yoshinori Ohsumi received the Nobel Prize for his discoveries of mechanisms for autophagy in 2016. The new product is in the category of “the modifier of biological reactions” – it is not a medicine yet but at the same time not a biologically active dietary supplement already. It differs from a medicine only by the amount of active substance.

BCM: What clinical trials were conducted and what are their results?

Y.Z.: Current registration procedure does not require clinical trials. However, we made pre-clinical testing among the restricted test group of up to 30 people. It showed a firm lowering of the biological age according to both the model of biomarkers and Horvath’s methylation clock and restoring of vessel elasticity.

BCM: How often do you have to take the product? What effects does it have with time?

Y.Z.: The dosing differs for various categories of people: apparently healthy people can take the product regularly three times per day. In the case of different diseases such as cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, some oncological diseases, diabetes mellitus, increased dosing within specific time periods is required.

BCM: Why is the anti-aging NOBELBAD cosmetics so unique? How does it work?

Y.Z.: NOBELBAD cosmetic profile has a completely unique feature, thanks to which it can be considered as truly anti-aging. For the first time ever, the gel penetrates deep layers of the dermis bypassing the basal layer: it happens thanks to the methylene blue dye. The latter penetrates intracellularly, causes elastin and collagen gene expression, which leads to not only making the skin thicker but also increasing the number and changing the quality of fibroblasts.

And all of this is available when you put the gel on the skin, i.e. non-invasively – things like this have not happened before. The scientific article published in Nature journal thoroughly describes these mechanisms with the reference to experimental findings. During the experiment, the skin of patients suffering from progeria (accelerated aging) in the age of 80 returned to the state common for 18-year-old people. It is a true revolution in cosmetology!

BCM: How does Telomerozumab influence the human body? Who may find it useful to use it?

Y.Z.: The product changes the quality of telomeres: it regulates the length by elongating critically short telomeres and too long (which can lead to oncology diseases). Besides, it affects many groups of genes associated with the process of aging. Primarily, it has a strong anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antidiabetic effect.

BCM: How was this product tested and what were the results of trials?

Y.Z.: As it is not a medicine, it does not require running clinical trials, but we tested it in volunteers – physicians and sportsmen. It is interesting that apart from the lowering of biological age, sports results have improved significantly: people after 50 years old run a marathon. In fact, I am one of them – I personally try out all products and technologies.

BCM: For how long have your products been available in the market and what audience do you target? Who uses them most actively?

Y.Z.: These products are totally new. We will present them at Biohacking Conference Moscow for the first time ever. Products were patented in Russia. Now we are registering in the USA and EU, but the most important thing is that they are already available to consumers.

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