Body Purification, Normalization of pH Balance, and Nutritious Diet Improve Plenty of Human Health Indicators: Oleg Andriychuk, Founder of AGenYZ

Body Purification, Normalization of pH Balance, and Nutritious Diet Improve Plenty of Human Health Indicators: Oleg Andriychuk, Founder of AGenYZ

Oleg Andriychuk is an international entrepreneur, coach,expert in development and promotion of the functional nutrition, anti-aging medication and products for brain activity improvement. He has been promoting biohacking and healthy lifestyle for more than 24 years. The expert organizes scientific conferences and educational events, develops apps for health diagnostics, and participates in TV shows on biohacking.

Oleg is Founder and CEO at AGenYZ, a company developing products for health improvement, implanting educational programs, and providing everyone with a possibility to increase their income.

AGenYZ is an official sponsor of Biohacking Conference Moscowto be held on September 19 at Technopolis “Moscow”. Shortly before the event, Oleg gave us a comprehensive interview. He talked about focus areas of AGenYZ and its products.

Interviewer: Biohacking Conference Moscow (ВСМ)
Respondent: Oleg Andriychuk (O.A.)

ВСМ: What does AGenYZ focus on?

O.A.: The project name – AGenYZ – includes a range of notions:

  • A (Alpha): a symbol of the best, the first, and the leading one. There is a term ‘alpha state’, a condition of maximum brain efficiency;
  • Gen: genes, gene pool, health, preservation of the generation gene pool. Generation is frequently referred to creation of something: idea generation, energy generation;
  • Y and Z are generations that currently establish global trends. The future belongs to them!

AGenYZ is more than a marketplace or an online store. It is a community that can provide everyone with self-fulfillment, life purposes, personal development, financial freedom, healthy lifestyle, and high-quality communication. Besides, the company can help people to find their place in life, be in-demand, and be recognized.

ВСМ: AGenYZ is a young project evolving three areas: BioHacking, e-Learning, and FinTech. What are their special features?

O.A.: Modern human beings should be healthy and viable in order to overrun competitors. BioHacking allows individuals to control the success of their career and life in general. BioHacking is designed for those desiring to do better, totally reveal their potential with less effort, obtain benefits in life, and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

The world is rapidly changing, and we should constantly learn something new! Onlineeducationisafast-growingsegment. Therefore, e-Learning is one of the crucial aspects of our company. We have launched several educational programs over the first year.

  • AlfaSMM Course trains people in running social media businesses.
  • Beauty Course teaches people how to take care of face, keeping its beauty and youth.
  • AlfafitCourse is aimed at a proper diet and physical activity.

Now, we are giving a course on networking and communication skills.

We have added FinTech, as the financial protection is one of the vital requirements of modern person. This concept is still under development. We are planning to adopt collective investments to create numerous sources of income, as well as to provide training in financial awareness and budget management.

ВСМ: AGenYZ enables establishing business in partnership with it. What is the concept of this cooperation form? How can one partner with AGenYZ?

O.A.: We want our partners be like-minded fellows sharing our values. You can become our partners in the city or in the country, or you can just recommend our products (physical and electronic) and receive bonuses that can increase your discount up to 80%.

ВСМ: Tell us about the TrueShake product line by AGenYZ in detail. What are its features?

O.A.:“You are what you eat!” is a famous phrase that we understand literally. The current market has a huge amount of goods for supplementing vitamin and mineral deficiency. Analyzing all of them, we did not even find functional nutrition products that would feature high eating qualities and would not contain unfavorable components. Then, we decided to design our own unique constructor of appropriate cocktails: TrueShake.

The product line consists of a core cocktail and enhancers adding required functions and varying tastes. The outstanding characteristic of all boosters is the availability of peptide ultralysates of bifidus and lactic bacteria, which improve the effect and element digestion. The liposomal form increases the bioavailability of vitamins up to 8 times.

Our products do not contain soya protein and harmful sugar. We use only natural and safe sweeting agents (stevia and erythritol) as well as high-quality Swiss and French protein. Even diabetics can consume our cocktails!

TrueShake’s main product is Alfa Shake. It includes one-third of daily allowance of all necessary ingredients, while enhancers add a required effect:

  1. +RELAXYZ: for relaxation and relieving. It contains Aronia, currant, hawthorn, cowberry, Melissa, Saint-John's-wort. Vitamins B and magnesium reduce stress and strengthen the nervous system. Chopped berries give berry flavor.
  2. +BEAUTYZ: for skin beauty and healthy joints. It consists of collagen, sodium hyaluronate, high absorption calcium, amber acid,and vitamin D. It tastes like mocha.
  3. +SHAPYZ: for muscle growth. It contains whey protein concentrate and 20 amino acids. Its efficiency is proved by the study.
  4. +DIGESTYZ: for improving digestion and purifying the body. Ingredients: pectin, citrus and bamboo fibers, chia seeds, lime powder, turmeric and plantain extracts,inulin, nutriose, bromeline, papain. Taste: key lime pie.
  5. +GREENYZ: for youth preservation. Composition: spinach, chlorophyll, spirulina, parsley. A green cocktail is full of zinc and vitamins С, Е, А. Kiwifruit flavor.

All of our additives are produced with various peptide ultralysates. Theyareprettytasty! You should try.

ВСМ: What products does the TrueAqua line consist of? What is the composition of drinks? What are their benefits for the body?

O.A.: People should clean off the body of toxins (especially neurotoxins),normalize the pH balance, andboost the immune system. It is also important to decrease the negative stress effect and nourish the brain to improve cognitive capabilities. It is the task of the TrueAqua healthy drink line. Moreover, consuming these additives, people drink more water, which is also quite significant!

The TrueAqualine is intended to achieve the maximum performance of the human body. It consists of the following goods:

  1. SorbioDetox Cell: for cell purification and detoxification. It contains Fibregum B (gum acacia), Lavitol-Arabinogalactan, Polysorbovit, lactulose,guar and xanthan gums. The drink removes harmful substances and salts of heavy metal, has a prebiotic effect, and positively influences microflora.
  2. рH Balance Cell: for alkalotherapy. It includes Aquamin Soluble (soluble form) collected from lithothamnion,palatinose, magnesium citrate, sodium acid carbonate (acidity regulator), potassium bicarbonate, and potassium citrate. The drink allows the body to digest over 70% of calcium and over 90% of magnesium contained in the additive. The uptake is safe: calcium and magnesium are not deposited in vessels or kidneys.
  3. Immune Cell: for immune system improvement. Ingredients:iodine, vitamins B1, B2, B12, E, D, A, B3, B6, B7, C, Chaga and green tea extracts, potassium citrate, magnesium citrate, Fibruline Instant, and seven types of peptide ultralysates.
  4. AlfaMind:against stress and for better concentration. Composition:John's-wort andhawthorn extracts, amino acids (glycine, L-tryptophan, L-tannin), vitamins В1, B2, B3, B5, В6, B7, В9, B12, С, and magnesium. The drink improves attention, strengthens nervous and cardiovascular systems, normalizes heart function, expandscoronary vessels, and reduce the blood pressure. Tryptophan results in serotonin production (happy hormone).
  5. Brainigizer: for energy and better cognitive capabilities. It includes acetyl-L-carnitine, L-tryptophan, L-serine, glycine,may chang and Chaga extracts, Gotu Kola, guarana, ginkgo biloba, eleuterococcus, ginseng root, amber acid, vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, and B9. BAA supports brain functions. It has a beneficial impact on microcirculation and general tone of vessels. It also enhances metabolism in tissues and energy balance as well as decreases thesusceptibility to stress and pressures. The drink improves memory, thinking, mood, and response speed.

ВСМ: What are the features of the CellElixir product line?

O.A.: The third line of biologically active additives, CellElixir, offers the following products:

  1. CellGenetiX: for active recovery and protection of DNA from damages. It contains polyprenols, astaxanthin,black cumin extract, botulin, and vitamin E. The synergy of extremely strong ingredients is incredible! The product is highly efficient and in-demand.
  2. 3D-Matrix: for skin youth and joint strengthening. It is a unique multi-complex based on innovative 3D frame technology. It allows to deliver useful substances targeted, increasing the efficiency of each pill as much as possible. Cartilage protectors, amino acids, and antioxidants fortify knuckles, produce collagen (youth protein), and protect the body from destructive oxidation processes.
  3. AlfaOmega-Q10: for enhancing heart and brain activity, and for beauty preservation. It contains omega-3 with proper EPA/DHA/ALA proportions, coenzyme Q10, botulin, and antioxidants. It is designed for proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, rapid brain activity, and cell anti-aging.
  4. SlimHit: your assistant in weight loss. It consists of chitosan, papain, bromelain, Garcinia cambogia extract,Gymnema, cowberry leaves,guarana, bearberry, and hoodia. These ingredients remove extra liquid from the body, block digestion of “bad” fats, help to utilize needless carbohydrates, and reduce hunger.
  5. GepaInt:for backing digestive organs. Ingredients: Cynarae folium extract, Aloe Vera,everlasting flowers, bromelain, gum acacia, Alexandrine senna, mint leaves, apple pectin, papain, bifidum and lactogum probiotic starter cultures. Cellulose, botanicals extracts, and enzymes contained in the product improve gastrointestinal tract operations, support liver and kidney functions, and encourage digestion.

This product line is under development. We are going to release new unique solutions.

ВСМ: What technologies does AGenYZ apply to develop its products?

O.A.: AGenYZ applies such innovative technologies as liposomal processing of ingredients for betterbioavailability, microencapsulation to protect probiotics, peptide ultralysates of probiotics, 3D technologies of ingredient packing and releasing, CO2 extraction.

Our enterprise has integrated the quality standards: GMP. ISO22000.

ВСМ: Whom would you recommend to consume AGenYZ BAAs?

O.A.: AGenYZ BAAs are recommended to those requiring strength, energy, decent physical form, muscle gains,stress release, high-quality sleep, immune system reinforcement, anti-ageing, better cognitive capabilities. They are necessary to everyone desiring to advance as much as possible.

ВСМ: What health indicators can be enhanced using BAAs?

O.A.: Body purification, normalization of the pH balance, andnutritious diet improve plenty of human health indicators and provide resources for a stronger immune system and comprehensive functioning of all organs and systems.

For example, Gennadiy Kovalev, a hand-to-hand fighting champion, uses AGenYZ products to advance their sports results.

ВСМ: How safe are company’s products for health? Are there any contra indications?

O.A.: All ingredients and end products are certified.Contra indications are specified on a label: individual intolerance of components. It is recommended to consult a doctor or a competent specialist before consuming BAAs.

On September 19, AGenYZ will introduce its products in the exhibition area at Biohacking Conference Moscow. Moreover, Oleg Andriychuk will make a presentation titled ‘Stress management’ at the conference. Guests will be able to test AGenYZ products and ask its CEO questions concerning their operational concepts.

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