A Gift to All Attendees From Rapsalin: Join Biohacking Conference Moscow Demo Zone

A Gift to All Attendees From Rapsalin: Join Biohacking Conference Moscow Demo Zone

Biohacking Conference Moscow that will take place on September 19 will feature a new participant: Rapsalin – producer of high-mineralized sea water products that will be presented in the demo zone.

Rapsalin produces and sells a unique mineralized water meant for body revitalization, spa and pool bathing. It is extracted from a rare well located in the Serpukhov district of the Moscow region. The raw material is pumped up from a 1000 m depth and gets filtered.

Water from Rapsalin is meant for cutaneous use. It contains a wide list of useful minerals: bromine, kalium, magnesium, lithium, boron, calcium, strontium, barium, fluorid etc. Due to the useful micro and macroelements, it helps to deal with various diseases, prolongs youth, preserves the beauty of the body and good mood.

Rapsalin line offers a natural high-mineralized “Power of the Sea” water. Its composition has more minerals than water from the Dead Sea. By adding it to the bath or a mini pool, you can create an equivalent of the real sea. Water for bathing will be thick, salty, and have a sea-like scent due to bromine. Key benefit of the product is a revitalizing effect helping to build up health and body.

Rapsalin is the only Russia’s federal supplier of healing water for pools, tubs, baths and spas. The company supplied its products to Bor resort, Administrative affairs of the President of the Russian Federation, Swimming, Taekwondo and Weightlifting Federations of Russia. It helped Russian athletes to recover.

Today, products of the company are sold in Moscow and Moscow region, as well as all across Russia via the network of 10 sales representatives.

Conference guests will be able to appreciate the qualities of the healing water themselves. Each event attendee will get a 100 ml bottle of Rapsalin “Power of the Sea” water.

Event demo zone will let you see the products and ask questions to company representatives.

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