Practical Part of Biohacking Conference Moscow: What Waits for Guests of the Event?

Practical Part of Biohacking Conference Moscow: What Waits for Guests of the Event?

On September 19, the Russian capital will host Biohacking Conference Moscow. The practical part will be the highlight of the event. Here attendees will learn about the latest products intended for health diagnostics and optimization, effective exercises that maintain health and juvenescence, get a possibility to undergo a checkup of heart and blood vessels, and personally test unique devices.

The practical part of the event

At the event, guests will have an opportunity to test Ōura Ring activity tracker developed by the Finnish firm Ōura. The device has the shape of a ring and is used to monitor vital signs.

Attendees will be able to test the Brainstorm Neurostimulator from developers of Saint Petersburg. The device allows improving attention concentration, reaction, memory, sports performance, mood, and even fighting against addictions.

Every guest can undergo a free screening that helps to detect one of the key biomarkers defining the risks of cardiovascular diseases. The test will be provided by the representatives of SMART CheckUp clinics.

The founder of the International Face Fitness Academy will present a unique system of facial exercises that helps to maintain juvenescence and recover skin elasticity without injections and uplifts.

Physiotherapist, that has been developing and practicing his own complex of exercises for taking care of diarthroses, curing of osteochondrosis and spinal disc herniation for over 10 years in the USA, will run training for guests of the event.

Besides, there will be a demonstration of dewars intended for cryopreservation. Attendees will be able to see how containers used for freezing and storage of bodies look like and function in real-time.

For lovers of books, quality non-fiction books about science and medicine will be available.

In the demo zone, guests of the event will be able to learn about products and services of companies that run genetic tests, develop different dietary supplements and cosmetic products that improve health and slow down aging.

Exhibitors will present:

  • DNA tests that help to develop recommendations on optimization of diets and exercises, maintenance of healthy skin and hair, improvement of performance and resistance to stress, choice of personal work pattern and leisure activities for the brain;
  • biologically active dietary supplements that prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, slow down aging, and support life prolongation;
  • program of real biohacking NOBEL that allows users to reduce biological age and slow down aging;
  • a complex of anti-aging face creams;
  • unique powdered food products.

Attendees of Biohacking Conference Moscow will get a possibility to talk to speakers and exhibitors in person, ask questions, and buy the products they like.

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