Meet Top 5 Speakers at Biohacking Conference Moscow

Meet Top 5 Speakers at Biohacking Conference Moscow

On September 19, Moscow will host Biohacking Conference Moscow, an event allowing everyone to discover how to “hack” their body and make their life better using innovative methods. It will involve doctors, experienced biohackers, and scientists.

Meet the top 5 conference speakers who will explain how to become healthy:

  • Greg Potter: PhD, Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Medicine in London, specialist in health optimization by the means of optimal sleeping patterns, diets, and control of metabolism at HumanOS;
  • Elena Milova: psychologist, member of the Board at Life Extension Advocacy Foundation and member of the Council for Public Health and Demography, co-author of the Aging Prevention for Allbook;
  • Hannu Kinnunen: Finnish scientist, Chief Scientific Officer at Ōura that has developed the same-name activity tracker shaped like a ring, the world’s most advanced portable monitor of vital factors;
  • Stanislav Skakun: founder and CEO at Biodata, author of the world's largest experiment called Quantified Self;
  • Roman Malkov: physical therapist, Deputy Chief Medical Officer at Mitra Clinic. Developer of the periodic diet and the author’s set of health-improving exercises.

Experts will reveal:

  • how to optimize your diet;
  • how long biohackers desire to live;
  • how to improve the state of health using portable data;
  • what the Quantified Self means and its role;
  • how to stay healthy until the old age.

Watch the video in order to be aware of the top five speakers who will take part in the event and explain how to optimize your health.

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