“You Can Restore, Improve, and Support Every Facial Area Using Exercises,” Face Fitness Expert Elena Karkukli

 “You Can Restore, Improve, and Support Every Facial Area Using Exercises,” Face Fitness Expert Elena Karkukli

From what age is it ok to start doing face fitness? How safe are facial exercises and how regularly should you train? Find out in the interview with the face fitness expert Elena Karkukli.

Elena Karkukli is the founder of International Face Fitness Academy (IFFA) and a natural face recovery club called Faceday. She is invited as an expert to different TV and radio shows, runs training programs, workouts, and workshops on face fitness. Besides, she is an author of bestsellers Faceday – the perfect face in 10 minutes a day and Cupping self-massage. Immediate lifting.

In the interview for Biohacking Conference Moscow, Elena shared how she started practicing face fitness and what results could regular exercises bring.

Interviewer: Biohacking Conference Moscow (ВСМ)
Respondent: Elena Karkukli

ВСМ: Tell us how you learned about face fitness. What incentivized you to start doing face exercises?

Е.К.: My sister told me about it. My motivation was the state of my face, problems with appearance that began when I was 32 years old. At 33, I had rather explicit changes: deformed face contours, eyelids, and eye corners went down, skin quality deteriorated.

I was searching for the whole year what could be done. I considered different cosmetic procedures, was consulting. However, analyzing options and offers that I heard from specialists, I did not choose any of them. When I got acquainted with my first face fitness teacher, I started training, trying these exercises. I even started organizing training sessions in Moscow, bringing the specialist here. And since that time, I have been learning, trying exercises, watching myself. My face has greatly changed thanks to face fitness.

With time, I got interested in studying this area professionally, because experience gave me an understanding of how my face was changing, what I wanted to improve or embellish. I have been doing face fitness and keep advancing in this field professionally for more than seven years.

 “You Can Restore, Improve, and Support Every Facial Area Using Exercises,” Face Fitness Expert Elena Karkukli 1

ВСМ: Your first specialization is a lawyer. Why did you decide not to work in your specialization and to devote yourself to face fitness?

Е.К.: It happened on its own. I guess it is like a vocation, like energy that I felt after I started trying by myself. Everything was so delicious and attractive and not only from the standpoint of professional growth and willingness to build a business and a career. It all started and developed thanks to my personal interest and deep immersion in the field, which consequently grew into something global and large-scale. I mean that I decided to devote myself to face fitness due to my passion for the field itself, which opened up in the process of training.

ВСМ: Tell us about your work on TV as an expert on face fitness.

Е.К.: When I started doing face fitness, this field was not widespread and was not developing fast. I was one of the first experts in this field. It was then that I started getting offers from different TV channels and radio stations with the request to tell about the field, show exercises. They were such channels as REN TV, NTV, Channel One, Broadcaster MIR TV, TV Centre, and other federal and regional channels, as well as numerous radio stations including Russkoye Radio and Russian Radio New York.

I participated in TV projects, for example, with Gennady Malakhov, in different talk shows, educational programs. It is very interesting because people get to know more about face fitness thanks to the television, among other things. They understand that the field is efficient, that one can look good due to exercises and start doing them.

ВСМ: From what age is it better to start doing face exercises? Are there any restrictions?

Е.К.: Every age has its own inquiries. For example, in youth, many people have problems with the oval of face, double chin. They appear even at the age of 16. The reason is that today everyone has gadgets and smartphones and people sit with a round-shouldered back when they use them, lean their head forward, press the chin down to the neck. As a result, early changes in the cervical region and oval of face take place.

Therefore, people can begin doing face fitness from an early age (even adolescence) as a preventive measure and change their habits related to body posture.

My youngest pupils are 18 years old. They need another intensity of training. At such age, exercises should be mild. We pay more attention to preventive measures and do exercises solely to stabilize and harmonize facial muscles. It is necessary in order not to cumulate tension in muscles and to improve microcirculation.

However, it does not relate to body posture, because people can and should do posture exercises from an early age.

ВСМ: Can you advise how to stop slouching and build a habit of keeping your back straight?

Е.К.: I would mark two important aspects here that are worth attention. The first one is the control during the day. It is important to build a habit of keeping your head and chin parallelly to the floor, at the angle of 90 degrees to the neck. You should not pull your chin lower, press it down to the neck because this is what causes changes related to oval of face and chin. Besides, the neck skin itself looks older and sags quicker due to this.

The second aspect is the exercises that improve the state of muscles. Thanks to the training, muscles do not become shorter, shoulders do not go forward, and the head is not pressed into shoulders.

If we only do exercises but do not control our head and body posture during the day, there will be a result, of course. However, it will not be so good as if we combined both aspects – control and exercises.

ВСМ: How often and at what time of the day should one do exercises to obtain better results?

Е.К.: Many people develop a habit of doing exercises in the morning. It is a very good habit, because thanks to morning exercises, your face stays lifted and fresh the whole day long. If you have no time to do exercises in the morning, you can train in the afternoon or evening. As workouts have an accumulative effect, you will be gradually improving and supporting the state of your face.

The intensity depends on age. A girl at the age of 20 needs one kind of intensity. A mature woman of 40, 50, 60 and more years old needs regular daily training, of course. Such intensity is necessary to keep the face fit, prevent age-related atrophy, and tissue degradation. Everything depends on your age, inquiry, and current problems with the face. Because problems can occur at the age of 25 and there may be no problems at 35.

ВСМ: How long should a workout last?

Е.К.: Initially, when we only start training, workouts on average take half an hour per day. This amount of time is needed only for the start – to master and understand exercises, learn to feel your muscles, learn to work with one facial area leaving alone those areas that have to remain relaxed during a certain exercise. Because quite often when newbies work with one muscle, they engage other muscles that do not have to work. Our muscles do not work in a balanced way. For this reason, many people have to bring them to the state of balance with training.

When we have already mastered exercises, training sessions may take 10-15 minutes per day. Of course, you can always do an express complex. If you want to save time, you can divide the complex into two parts and make them during the day. Alternatively, you can do posture and neck exercises on one day and face exercises on another day. In such a way, you can set up your own schedule of home workouts.

ВСМ: What results can you achieve thanks to regular face fitness exercises?

Е.К.: You can get very good results. You can restore, improve, and support every facial area using exercises. You can lift up eyelids and eye corners, reduce wrinkles and swellings under eyes, lift up the forehead and smooth wrinkles, relax masseter muscles, lift facial contours, make the double chin smaller, smooth neck wrinkles (or at least reduce them), lift cheekbones, make your lips look bigger, and even make your nose and ears smaller.

In fact, you can model your face with exercises. But I always repeat that we have certain resources. I tell my pupils and followers that they should not have overly high expectations such as the hope that your face will always look like you are 20 even when you are 60, 70, or 80 years old. Thanks to face fitness, your face will be in good shape, look well cared for, with a small number of wrinkles. There will be age-related changes but they will be slowed down.

Pupils of all ages give astonishing feedbacks about workouts: both at 60 and 70, their faces look unbelievably well cared for and fresh. Skin and eyes shine, cheeks are lifted.

Undoubtedly, some facial changes may stay, as we do facial gestures, smile, and do certain habitual muscle movements that cause the development of some wrinkles. However, they cannot go deep ahead, as we do exercises, know how to work with them in order for tissues not to break so strongly and deeply.

ВСМ: How safe is it to do face fitness?

Е.К.: It is safe to do face fitness if you have an understanding of exercise rules. Like in case of body exercises, a correctly built workout system is very important in face fitness. For example, if you do exercises incorrectly or wrongly isolate muscles, you can increase wrinkles instead of decreasing them.

If you do not understand the technique, you will not get the desired result. You can obtain the correct technique at lessons or study on your own. If you learn independently, it is very important to do everything very attentively, delicately, carefully, and without a rush.

Face fitness can be different. There are many trends in face fitness now. Therefore, you need to be careful and trust only professionals that have undergone an intramural form of study. Now there is a growing number of cheap or even free of charge online training programs. Unfortunately, they are not safe. I can say that for sure.

ВСМ: What celebrities have you taught to do face exercises?

Е.К.: I trained TV presenters Tutta Larsen, Avrora, singer Katya Lely, actress and presenter at Russkoye Radio Alla Dovlatova, ballet dancer Anastasia Volochkova. Some public figures train confidentially – I cannot speak about workouts with them. There are big entrepreneurs and politicians that train individually but keep it in secret.

I mean that today a great number of people are aware of the efficiency and safety of this practice, want to look naturally, and have a lifted face and skin.

ВСМ: What measures should be taken to support the beauty and juvenescence of face?

Е.К.: Apart from face fitness, I can recommend such measures as self-massage, which intensifies the effect of exercises and can additionally relax facial muscles. Besides, I want to stress the importance of skincare. It is about correctly chosen cosmetic products, skin clarifying and nourishment, vitaminizing with the help of masks and creams.

Of course, our dietary habits and fluid balance will always influence the renewal of the body. It is important to drink enough clear water, because our body, organs, skin, muscles are nourished from inside. For this reason, a complex approach is important.

It is necessary to take care of your health and appearance. At least, you should take care of yourself and minimize harmful factors that have an adverse effect, intensify the development of age-related changes in appearance, and lead to health deterioration.

ВСМ: You will participate in Biohacking Conference Moscow. What will you speak about and what will you show at the event?

Е.К.: I want to show attendees that face fitness is an efficient and safe practice. I want people to try exercises. I want to provide some practical utility for people to see how simple, efficient, and comprehensible face fitness is. I want to make people interested in taking care of their appearance using such a cool and unique tool that helps to feel happy when you see your own reflection in the mirror. I would also like to answer questions of attendees.

At Biohacking Conference Moscow, which will take place on September 19, Elena will make a presentation and present a unique complex of exercises intended to correct facial contours, support beauty, and juvenescence.

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