Check Up Your Heart and Vessels in the Demo Zone of Biohacking Conference Moscow

Check Up Your Heart and Vessels in the Demo Zone of Biohacking Conference Moscow

Would you like to find out how to prevent health diseases? Attend Biohacking Conference Moscow and go through the special screening that defines the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

According to the statistics of the WHO, cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death in the whole world. They lead to the death of 50% more people than any other illness annually. The highest-risk periods are autumn and spring when there are sharp spikes in temperature, which greatly affect the vessels. The peak of acute conditions accounts for autumn.

Take care of your health – undergo the checkup of your heart and vessels at Biohacking Conference Moscow and find out the opinion of the specialist.

How to prevent health problems? What symptoms signalize that your heart is in danger? The expert cardiologist Alexey Utin will share his opinion with the guests of the conference, and his team of Smart CheckUp will run tests that detect one of the main biomarkers of cardiovascular diseases in the demo zone of the event (duplex scanning of brachiocephalic arteries that defines the marker of subclinical atherosclerosis).

Undergo the free test that will help you to define your personal risks of cardiovascular diseases at the stand of Smart CheckUp.

Biohacking Conference Moscow will take place on September 19. The conference program also includes presentations of biohacking devices including the brain neurostimulator and ŌURA activity tracker.

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