Developer of Food Supplements AGenYZ – Official Sponsor of Biohacking Conference Moscow

Developer of Food Supplements AGenYZ – Official Sponsor of Biohacking Conference Moscow

The Official Sponsor of Biohacking Conference Moscow, held on September 19, is AGenYZ, an international innovations company that works in the multi-level marketing field.

AGenYZ develops biologically active supplements that improve physical and mental health, keep you young and good-looking, and help to achieve longevity. Besides, the company realizes educational and financial projects.

AGenYZ provides everyone with the possibility to build a business in partnership with the company. The project aims to give every team member a chance to create multiple sources of income.

Today AGenYZ works in three directions: biohacking, e-learning, and fintech.

In the biohacking niche, the company offers three lines of natural and high-tech products:

  • True Aqua – a series of five functional drinks AlfaMind, Brainigizer, Sorbio Detox Cell, pH Balance Cell, Immune Cell. They strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular systems, normalize heart performance, improve immunity, help to improve memory, mood, and responses, to concentrate attention, improve the functional state of the digestive tract, regulate pH balance, prevent different illnesses;
  • True Shake – a series of healthy cocktails. It includes a basic nutritious cocktail Alfa Shake and five functional supplements with different tastes: ALFA MIX, +BEAUTYZ, +RELAXYZ, +SHAPYZ, +DIGESTYZ. Food supplements refill the stock of protein in the body, speed up weight loss, and facilitate quick tissue regeneration. Besides, they can help to improve mood, relieve stress, maintain good looks, and prolong juvenescence;
  • Cell Elixir – a series of five complex food supplements: Cell Geneti X, Alfa Omega-Q10, 3D-Matrix, GepaInt, Slim Hit. These products improve the performance of the brain, liver, and digestive system, strengthen immunity, diarthroses, and vessel walls, increase skin elasticity, prevent various diseases, and slow down aging.

In the e-learning niche, the company conducts electronic training. Today AGenYZ realizes the online project Alfafit. Participants get to know how to eat healthily and do sports efficiently. The course mainly aims to teach people to live in harmony with their body.

The fintech direction primarily intends to provide every partner of AGenYZ with the source of income.

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