Giveaway of Two Tests From Atlas: Find Out at Biohacking Conference Moscow Demo Zone

Giveaway of Two Tests From Atlas: Find Out at Biohacking Conference Moscow Demo Zone

Biohacking Conference Moscow demo zone will feature an exhibitor – Atlas, the company specializing on genetic tests and microbiome examinations. It will give way two free tests to event attendees.

Atlas is an international personalized medicine company. Its key products include a genetic test and a microbiome test, involving the analysis, consultation with a doctor (geneticist or gastroenterologist), drawing up a report on the health condition and recommendations for correcting the lifestyle and diet, and optimizing physical exercises.

Genetic test is a research helping to define the information in the genes. It costs 29 900 rubles and can determine:

  • the existence of genetic trace in the body that can cause 323 hereditary disorders;
  • multi-factor risks leading to 19 diseases, including the Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, migraine and coronary heart disease;
  • metabolic profiles and feeding intolerance;
  • risks of sports-related injuries, the peculiarities of amino acids and hormones metabolism;
  • the origin. Research allows to determine the paternal and maternal haplogroups, population structure, and the percentage of Neanderthal genes;
  • the unique personal qualities, including the susceptibility to scents, development of teeth, appearance of grey hairs etc.

Microbiome test is an analysis of intestine bacteria. It costs 14 900 rubles and helps to determine:

  • the risks of obesity, atherosclerosis, ulcerative colitis, type II diabetes, Crohn's disease;
  • the type of microbiome and metabolic profiles;
  • microbiome properties.

Results of both test can be acquired in the personal account. All recommendations and reports are also recorded in the mobile app.

Atlas tests have already been taken by the Comedy Club resident Andrey Skorohod, Maybelline official makeup artist Yuriy Stolyarov, Belarus actress Alesa Cacher, radio and TV host Aleks Dubas and many others.

On September 19, Biohacking Conference Moscow will feature a stand from Atlas where it will give away each of the tests. The set of both tests costs 44 800 rubles. Event attendees have a chance to get them for free.

Apart from the giveaway, practical part of the event will include tests of a neurostimulator, gadgets for vital factors monitoring, a free heart and vessels checkup, demonstration of Dewar vessels and the exercises for face correction and many other activities.

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