Seven Products for Biohackers that Will Help to Monitor Health

Seven Products for Biohackers that Will Help to Monitor Health

Biohacking is a complex of actions intended to increase life quality and time. However, people need assistance to adhere to the corresponding lifestyle. They can get help from:

  • devices that make diagnostics automatically;
  • devices that allow making periodic diagnostics;
  • devices that keep the body fit;
  • mobile apps.

Read more about them below.

Wearable gadgets that make measurements automatically

An accelerometer is the basis of all trackers; it registers different types of motion. Usually, readings are processed and provided to users in a specific form, for example, steps, approximate calorie expenditure, etc.


Chronos is a smartwatch sensor attached to the interior side of ordinary watches. It tracks physical activity, notifies about calls, messages, and reminds of important events. It will be suitable for those who want to add additional functions to the smartwatch of a certain brand.

Motiv Ring

Sometimes bracelets or sensors that collect health data can cause discomfort due to massive sizes or inappropriate outer look. Motiv Ring is a scarcely noticeable and multifunctional ring that measures pulse rate and sleep quality.

Of course, there are watches with additional functions. For example, Tottori West Family Time Watch monitors, among other things, how much time you spend with your family.

Devices for making periodic diagnostics

One ought to remember that devices for periodic measurements cannot replace professional consultations with doctors. They are just assistive devices for health diagnostics.

As a rule, diagnostic devices are bigger than wearables. However, a growing number of accurate and compact solutions are available now.


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W/Me2 sensor allows getting more accurate diagnostic data as compared to the majority of fitness bracelets or smart watches. The gadget takes readings of ECG using a chest cardio belt or a cardio shirt, specifies data in the form comprehensible for the cardiologist, and analyzes pressure with 80-85% accuracy.

W/Me2 sensor registers pulse rate, calories, breath, and other readings and transfers them to the smartphone. The tracker calculates and shows on the display the time, steps, consumed calories, distance, incoming calls, records sports activity. The time of autonomous work is up to 144 hours.

Pulse oximeter Angioscan

Users attach Angioscan to the forefinger getting an approximate assessment of the state of vessels: their biological age, degree of arterial stiffness, stress level, pulse rate, and saturation index.

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The manufacturer states that the device can help to diagnose atherosclerosis, hypertensive disease, cardiac insufficiency, diabetes, ischemic heart disease, and warns about pre-stroke or preinfarction angina.

Devices that keep the body fit

Today many devices are available that allow keeping the body fit at home. Muse and Re-Timer are two among many.


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Re-Timer glasses help to cope with insomnia. The device simulates daylight in the range of 500 nm, which helps to get enough sleep quicker, correct the sleep schedule, including situations when you change time zones.


Muse is a neuro headband that helps to meditate. Muse is equipped with 7 sensors that register brain waves helping to relax efficiently and quickly.

Training sessions have a guide function and using the device for three minutes per day is enough. Thanks to sound and video, the brain responds to the neurostimulation quite quickly.

Mobile apps

Apart from physical devices, a great number of mobile apps can help to keep yourself fit. For example, Headspace app offers an interactive system that teaches to meditate. Customers can use the first 10 lessons free of charge, and the next will be available on a paid subscription basis.

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