Demo Zone of Biohacking Conference Moscow to Feature DNA Tests by MyGenetics

Demo Zone of Biohacking Conference Moscow to Feature DNA Tests by MyGenetics

High-tech firm MyGenetics, which develops and conducts DNA screenings, will become a participant of the demo zone at Biohacking Conference Moscow, held on September 19.

MyGenetics has been working in the field of personal genetics for 7 years. Its specialists (geneticists and molecular biologists) develop genetic tests and decipher their results. Based on them, dieticians, cosmeticians, dermatologists, and anti-aging doctors develop recommendations on the improvement of customers’ health and life quality, maintenance of beauty and juvenescence.

Today, the portfolio of MyGenetics includes four types of genetic tests:

  • MyWellness – research that helps to define how the person should feed, train, and remain healthy. The research detects how the body responses to different products, risks of illnesses, food intolerance, metabolic rate, sport potential, and other parameters;
  • MyBeauty – testing that allows users to understand how to take care of skin and hair to maintain natural beauty and juvenescence;
  • MyNero – genetic test that helps to reveal psychological traits determined by the DNA. It is used to develop recommendations on the improvement of the psychoemotional state, performance, and resistance to stress, correction of lifestyle;
  • MyBaby – DNA test that allows users to find out what children need for healthy development.

Besides, MyGenetics deciphers results of DNA tests carried out by other laboratories.

At the conference, anyone will be able to consult with specialists of MyGenetics and order DNA tests. Guests of the event will have an opportunity to buy genetic tests MyWellness and MyBeauty at a special price. Each of them will cost just 12,900 rubles (instead of 17,900 rubles).

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