Metabiotics Advantages Are Quite Obvious: General Physician Larisa Tabachnikova

Metabiotics Advantages Are Quite Obvious: General Physician Larisa Tabachnikova

What are metabiotics, and what are their benefits for the body? What are special features of FITOTAL biologically active additive (BAA)? What health parameters can it improve? These issues are revealed in an interview with doctor Larisa Tabachnikova.

Larisa is a general physician and nutritiology specialist. She has over 40 years of overall experience. She is also an ideologist and medical advisor at Fitotal_Pro, a project registering within the Customs Union and importing FITOTAL biologically active additive aimed at improving health and general well-being.

Interviewer: Biohacking Conference Moscow (ВСМ)
Respondent: Larisa Tabachnikova (L.T.)

ВСМ: Probiotics, prebiotics, or metabiotics: what are better and more useful for the body? Why?

L.T.: Probiotics, prebiotics, and metabiotics are widely different terms. Probiotics mean living bacterial cultures. Prebiotics are food for bacteria, various complex carbohydrates, e.g. cellulose. They are eaten by probiotics.

Metabiotics mean bacterial activity products. That is why we need beneficial bacteria that produce these components in our body. When people have dysbiosis (unfortunately, the majority of individuals suffer from it), the content of these bacteria is low. Therefore, a lot of body processes are lack of these useful substances. They are quite different, from vitamins to all sorts of complex compounds such as short-chain fatty acids and diverse bacterial producers.

Nevertheless, probiotics are foreign strains, frequently artificially created. Having a short-term effect, they are anyway expelled by resident microflora without keeping in the body forever. Metabiotics immediately provide necessary final products. They create a healthy comfortable environment for human bacteria and start thriving there. Thus, metabiotics allow your own body strains to grow, reach a bacterial consensus, and have healthy microbiota, which is a long-term effect. Well, metabiotics advantages are quite obvious.

ВСМ: For whom can metabiotics be recommended?

L.T.: I can see plenty of analysis results and meet almost no people with proper and good microbiota. Nearly all of them suffer from microflora disorders to a greater or lesser degree. Even if any signs are absent but the test shows the lack of beneficial microflora, depressed bacteria groups, or the excess amount of opportunistic pathogenic bacteria, it is the indications for the preventive course of metabiotics.

ВСМ: What health parameters can be improved using metabiotics?

L.T.: Microbiota recovery improves functions of almost all body systems. It directly affects the immune system activity.

Metabiotics are initially recommended to patients with gastrointestinal tract disorders. The next category includes people with hormone disruptions. For instance, female hormone imbalance problems are directly related to microbiota, as estrogen metabolism involves it. The vessel wall condition also depends on microbiota. Besides, microbiota affects the central nervous system state, in other words, our mood. It is proved that bacteria are responsible for our social relations and their activity. Depression is pretty well corrected after improving gut flora.

ВСМ: Tell us about FITOTAL in detail. What are its special features?

L.T.: FITOTAL BAA contains bacterial metabolites: B vitamins, humic and fulvic acids, peptides, beta glucans. The drug is produced by fermenting herbal raw materials (leaves and stalks of wheat, oat, nettle, bay willow, chicory, knot grass, agrimony, goldenrod). However, not only does this aspect matter because metabiotics can be obtained from all types of raw materials, but the fact that bacteria entirely ferment them due to enzymatic reactions. Thus, the final product does not contain any plant fragments. When the reaction comes to an end, bacteria also vanish. Only substances produced by these microorganisms are left.

FITOTAL has no acids unlike other similar metabiotic products. It is extremely stable because of alkaline reaction (рH -8.3). It does not spoil and turn sour. BAA should be stored at room temperature.

FITOTAL is a new product, but this fact does not lessen its benefits.

ВСМ: How much drug should adults and kids take in order to achieve the best results? And how regularly?

L.T.: We recommend adults to take 25 ml of FITOTAL per day. This portion is divided into two intakes: one tablespoon twice per day. This is necessary to make bacteria stay equally in comfortable conditions, as they do not have night sleep or lunch break. They function twenty-four seven. We recommend to take BAA in the morning and evening. FITOTAL is a convenient-to-consume product. It is tasteless and odorless, just yellowish-colored. Moreover, it does not cause any senses of discomfort. The drug should be taken with water.

Kids can take from 15 to 20 ml of FITOTAL per day.

ВСМ: What health characteristics can FITOTAL improve?

L.T.: First of all, FITOTAL advances gastrointestinal tract functions: it helps to adjust digestive motility, encourages mucosa reparation, and improves enterocyte features. It indirectly affects the immune system, endocrine functions, skin condition (it becomes clean and moisturized).

FITOTAL is efficient in case of external use as well. Due to humic and fulvic acids, it is quite efficient in trophic disturbances, encouraging the regenerative process and epithelialization.

ВСМ: What kinds of testing and trials did FITOTAL pass?

L.T.: FITOTAL passed all the trials required to get an official registration certificate. It implies all the safety tests: the absence of toxins, hormones, pesticides, living production cells, genetic modified microorganisms, and genetically modified organisms. It was examined for compliance with specified ingredients.

The drug is registered as a biologically active additive. The results of its testing are given in the official registration certificate.

Furthermore, we have conducted a small study and confirmed the efficiency of FITOTAL according to analyses using the technique of mass-spectrometric microbial markers by Osipov.

ВСМ: How safe is FITOTAL for health? Are there any contra indications?

L.T.: Almost all people have dysbiosis to a greater or lesser extent, as the polluted environment does not allow microbiota to be totally healthy. So, the drug is beneficial to almost everyone.

There are no contra indications for FITOTAL application. At the same time, working with the drug, I can see that in some cases, when people suffer from small bowel bacterial overgrowth syndrome (SBBOS), BAA is prescribed after a small course of sorbents decreasing the overall number of bacteria. Afterwards, microflora is corrected using metabiotics. This is a mere detail discussed individually with certain patients.

ВСМ: What will you talk about at Biohacking Conference Moscow?

L.T.: I will talk about the role of microflora and the ways of its correction. I would like to explain why microbiota is of great importance. It a quite relevant issue for biohackers. They do realize its significance.

You will be able to discover more about features and useful properties of FITOTAL in the exhibition area at Biohacking Conference Moscow.

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