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Biohacking Conference Moscow: All About Health Upgrade and Health Optimization

September 19, Moscow hosted Biohacking Conference Moscow. The event involved experienced biohackers, scientists, practicing physicians, biogerontologists, genetic scientists, cryonics and face fitness specialists, as well as developers of innovative gadgets. They explained how to upgrade the body and improve the life quality.

The event featured a conference and an exhibition area, including theoretical and practical parts. Speakers told the audience how to improve physical and mental health, enhance human performance, prevent aging processes, and achieve longevity. Developers presented technological devices designed for measuring body activity and improving brain functions. Exhibitors showed products against various diseases and for youth preservation.

Guests were able to test unique devices, examine cutting-edge solutions, and learn exercises for beauty and health recovery.

What did speakers talk about?

17 experts from the CIS countries and Europe spoke at the conference. The event was moderated by Vadim Zorin, Candidate of Sciences in Biology and CEO at Vitacel.

Health improvement using wearables

A presentation by Hannu Kinnunen, Chief Scientific Officer at Finnish company Ōura, aroused the huge audience’s interest. He introduced Ōura rings, wearables for measuring body vital factors. The expert revealed the core characteristics of gadgets and explained how to improve health using sleep data analysis.

Everyone was able to try on and test devices as well as obtain advice on their functionality.

Diet optimization

Greg Potter, a UK scientist and experienced biohacker, described how to modernize a diet using chronobiology principles. Reportedly, not only is daily nutrition important but also the time of food intake.

To control health, the expert recommends to have breakfast at least 30 minutes after awakening and to have dinner not later than three hours prior to sleep. Intervals between meals should be from 3 to 6 hours.

Aging in science terms

Alexandr Kolyada, one of the youngest and promising CIS scientists, dedicated his presentation to aging mechanisms and longevity genetics. He compared healthy living with biohacking as well as stressed the relation between a lifestyle and a telomere length. The expert also highlighted how genes affect the lifespan.

Cardiology as the best biohacking

Alexey Utin, Chief Physician at SMART CheckUp, mentioned that the life duration depended on a variety of factors, including high blood pressure, hypertensive disease, high cholesterol level, smoking, and an inactive lifestyle. Dr. Utin believes that heart and vessel care is one of the most efficient ways to prevent early death.

Health control and Quantified self

Individual presentations were made by Russia’s best-known biohackers: Stanislav Skakun and Denis Varvanets.

Stanislav Skakun is CEO at Biodata and the author of one of the world’s biggest quantified self experiments. He focused on the importance of body digitization as well as on his experiment and its results. Besides, the speaker clarified the necessity to optimize a diet and unveiled what gadgets should be used to measure health indicators.

Biogerontologist Denis Varvanets compared biohacking and conventional medicine. According to him, people will combat aging using reverse therapy in the future. Currently, the primary goal for people is to prolong their life as much as possible in order to catch the times when aging will no longer be a problem. To achieve this objective, we should optimize our sleep, diet, physical activity, mental health, and even environment.

Face fitness to preserve beauty and youth

Elena Karkukli, the founder of International Face Fitness Academy (IFFA), gave a practical lesson on face and body exercises. Participants, along with the speaker, conducted a range of simple exercises allowing to keep beauty and recover youth.

Life prolongation and future prospects

Elena Milova, Member of the Board at Life Extension Advocacy Foundation, drew the audience’s attention to social and economic factors affecting the longevity. She offered attendees to turn their mind to many years to come and imagine human life where everyone would take care of their health.

Neurostimulation to improve brain activity

Neurobiologist Timofey Glinin talked about special features and advantages of brain electric stimulation. The speaker presented his company’s solution – Brainstorm Neurostimulator. He maintained that this device could increase the efficiency of sports training, improve memory, enhance attentiveness, prevent depression, and lift the spirit.

Cryonics as a way to defeat death

Visitors were impressed by a presentation by Valeriya Pride (Udalova), CEO at KrioRus. She raised a topic of applying cryonics as a basis for body upgrades. According to the speaker, only two technological approaches will help to defeat death in the near future: digitization of identity and cryonics. The expert holds that cryonics insurance will make a body deep freezing technology more affordable.

What was shown in the demo zone?

The exhibition area allowed attendees to examine health improvement products, advanced services for life optimization, and new solutions by various companies.

The demo zone presented:

  • BBAs, face creams, a food additive, and the NOBELBAD biohacking program by NOBELBAD;
  • a series of DNA tests by MyGenetics;
  • high-mineralized sea water goods by Rapsalin;
  • Fitotal metabiotic by FITOTAL;
  • books about science and healthcare by BOMBORA;
  • genetic and microbiota tests by Atlas;
  • services by IVAO, a company combining several areas of biotechnologies, anti-aging, and longevity.

Event sponsors

Official Sponsor of the event was AGenYZ, an international company producing BAAs as well as implementing educational and financial projects.

Sponsor of catering was Ahimsa Project, a healthy food delivery service on a subscription basis.

Smile-Expo expresses its gratitude to sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors for participation in the conference. The company is looking forward to seeing you at the next biohacking events.