Post Release 2021

The Second Biohacking Conference Moscow on Effective Approaches to Optimizing Health: Event Results

On October 19, Technopolis in Moscow hosted the long-awaited Biohacking Conference Moscow 2021 dedicated to innovative ways to improve health, preserve youth and achieve active longevity.

Leading scientists, medical practitioners, experienced biohackers, wellness experts, biogerontologists, psychologists, coaches, entrepreneurs and many others joined the event as speakers. In their reports, they talked about strengthening physical and mental health, resources necessary for this, gadgets for monitoring the body, genetic technologies and much more. They also held workshops, where the guests could practically master the techniques for improving the body and brain.

In the conference demo zone, niche companies presented products and services that help to study the body, maintain well-being, youth and beauty.

What the speakers talked about

Stanislav Skakun, the founder and CEO at the health data processing service Biodata spoke on the topic “Practical biohacking: A system for collecting data about yourself”. As a participant of the largest quantified self experiment, he spoke about the collection of biochemical parameters of the body and biohacking based on the data obtained on his own example. The expert also specified how many biomarkers should be monitored.

Optimization of mitochondrial function was discussed in the presentation of biogerontologist and biohacker Denis Varvanets. He reviewed the question of the importance of controlling the maximum oxygen consumption index (MOC). The speaker explained why it needs to be increased and listed ways to help to improve this indicator.

Much attention was paid to the topic of HIIT training. According to Denis, this type of load is the best way to increase the MOC index. The speaker cited the results of a five-year study that showed that, compared with low-intensity monotonous aerobic exercise, HIIT reduced mortality in the elderly.

The speech of the speaker from the Netherlands – a cyborg-biohacker Patrick Paumen was of particular interest to the audience. He talked about wearable devices and implants, considered what types of them exist, what materials they are made from and what functions they can perform. He also listed the devices he wears under his skin. In total, the speaker implanted 31 implants, 11 biomagnets, 15 RFID transponders and 5 RFID LEDs from the biohacking company Dangerous Things.

The topic “Sleep biohacking. Gadgets and apps for monitoring and improving sleep” was revealed by the President of the Russian Society of Somnologists, honored doctor of the Russian Federation Roman Buzunov. He highlighted the important functions of sleep, including ontogenesis, physical recovery, the formation of long-term memory and adaptation to the environment. The doctor described the phases and stages of sleep and named useful gadgets and applications for improving it.

The guests learned how genetic testing can help to preserve and improve health thanks to the report of Artem Elmuratov, Development Director, co-founder and Member of the Board at Genotek. He described the mechanism of manifestation of hereditary diseases, if one or both parents are carriers of the mutation. The speaker clarified how various factors, including genes and lifestyle affect health.

Elena Fedotova, a certified face fitness coach shared how to preserve youth and beauty of the skin. In addition to the theoretical presentation, the expert conducted a workshop and showed easy but effective exercises that help to stay attractive as long as possible.

In addition, the following experts spoke at the conference:

  • Maria Grudina, founder at First Line. Health Care Resort – an innovative ageing prevention resort;

  • Yaroslav Ashikhmin, Candidate of Medical Sciences and therapist;

  • Kirill Proshchaev, Doctor of Medical Sciences;

  • Anna Melekhina, nutritionist;

  • Vadim Zorin Candidate of Sciences in Biology, expert at Skolkovo;

  • Nikita Metelitsa, founder of the Russian Institute of Biohacking and Health;

  • Alexey Strygin, bio-entrepreneur;

  • Igor Berlinskiy, founder of the Center for Health Technologies;

  • Yulia Aksenova, clinical psychologist;

  • Dmitriy Krivosheev, Candidate of Sciences in Biology;

  • Anton Merkulov, co-founder and Managing Partner at Health Buddy;

  • Maxim Goncharov, psychotherapist.

In their presentations, they talked about biohacking as a tool of preventive medicine, genetic modification of the body, the effect of stress on health, control of negative emotions, prevention of premature aging, and much more.

What was shown in the demo zone

Five leading companies presented their developments and products at Biohacking Conference Moscow 2021.

  • MD Сonsultant – a distributor of products for the specialists of aesthetic medicine. The company occupies a leading position in the beauty industry. The catalog of its products includes a device for solving sleep problems Biohacking ORB, Hydrogen water generators, peptide complexes Khavinson Peptides.

  • Melsmon – a leading Japanese product based on placenta hydrolyzate. On a cell level, it has a rejuvenating effect on the entire body. The product contains only natural ingredients. It does not contain hormones, growth factors, enzymes or other biogenic stimulants.

  • RaDoTech – a personal health monitoring device based on Dr. Nakatani's technology. With the help of the device, you can conduct daily monitoring of health, analyze the effect of products, types of food, drugs and physical activity, as well as timely learn about all deviations and changes in the body.

  • Daigo – a product containing 16 strains of lactobacilli for the formation of healthy intestinal microflora. Also at its stand, Daigo brand presented other developments: Daigo Lux metabiotic, product for the prevention of brain aging Tamotsu, Daigo dent toothpaste and Daigo Lux Shampoo.

  • MyGenetics – leader in the direct to consumer segment on the DNA testing market. Conducts genetic research, so you can choose an individual diet and training regimen, a skin and hair care system, get recommendations on nutrition and physical activity for the proper development of a child. In total, the company has more than 10 different test packages.

Bonuses for visitors: drawing of gifts from the speakers, participants and media partners

After the event, attendees got not only useful knowledge, but also some pleasant gifts.

At the event, they could win the prizes:

  • Japanese premium-class product Daigo-Lux from Daigo brand;

  • certificate for free education at the Russian Institute of Biohacking and Health;

  • webinar “Conscious eating. Saying NO to diets” from the speaker, nutritionist Anna Melekhina;

  • 20% discount on the first monthly subscription from FITMOST;

  • certificate for “100 points” from FITMOST.

In addition, each guest of the conference received an electronic version of Daniel Siegel’s book “Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human” from Mann, Ivanov & Ferber publishing house.

The organizers of Biohacking Conference Moscow 2021 would like to thank all speakers, participants and guests for their high interest in the event. We are waiting for you at the next events. Stay healthy!